Donald trump is a great President

Дональд Трамп – великий президент

During his election campaign, trump publicly stated that will “a great President”. Then his criticism is grinning… Today they don’t even smile, because President trump has done so much already, and this that has really become a great President in a row to their nearby U.S. counterparts.

Collapses the global liberal-democratic domination of the “global Democrats” in the world and at the same time improving the economic situation in the United States, is the “Washington swamp” and thus fail all attempts of this “swamp” with the intelligence services and the world “fake media” to remove the President of trump from the government. Obama, the bushes, the Clintons and other just boys in comparison with old trump!
“Go Trump”
Now eminent experts wonder: if the next presidential election the Democrats would still be able somehow to “go trump”, will they be able to win back a situation back, and how? Most likely, “go trump” will fail and he will win the next presidential election, because most Americans realized that trump really is great, and he is fulfilling his campaign promises, unlike Obama, Bush and Clintons.

The secret to winning trump over the attempted impeachment of the Democrats and his future victory in the elections, apparently, is simple: elites, special services and other “institutions of democracy” in the United States is split about trump and trump team is enhanced, and the simple American people, except for the liberal gadamsetty, even for trump.
Us Democrats in a stupor and stupid easy on the eyes: they hyped Ukrainian who buried their main presidential candidate Joe Biden, but the scandal caused after a blow to the Democratic party as a refuge for the corrupt Joe Biden, what little to say. Now the democratic speakers compete in the hatred of President Trump, discuss how to get rid of it from the presidential chair. And do not notice that this put at risk by trump: they testify to themselves, all their attempts of impeachment trump is trying to get even with him, they are all lies from beginning to end.
However, one way to “go trump” the American Democrats still have to make an attempt to shoot President trump. What a long time in America didn’t kill presidents… Expert Yevgeny Satanovsky said long ago about this scenario, but it bother the Democrats that trump will become even greater level of slain President John F. Kennedy.
Looks like trump is destiny…
The impression is that somebody somewhere at the top is the mountain for Donald trump: he’s launched not only in America but throughout the world, irreversible processes. By trump, at all desire, will not be able to play back the changed political and economic landscape in the U.S. and in the world, and this new world landscape, in turn, dictates its terms to all, and to the Trump.
In this new world landscape, the democratic party of the U.S. efforts of the security services and the media have erected between the US and Russia, the wall of fakes and absurd accusations from the “business Skrypalia” to the collapse of the Malaysian “Boeing”. Trump all these accusations of Russia is questionable though, because no less absurd accusations the same circles pushing against him, what is the only “conspiracy trump Putin”! For the non-Western world the West lying about Russia a long time is obvious: if these democratic luminaries defame the American President, what are their accusations of Russia? The Malaysian Prime Minister said directly about bias of investigation West of the crash Malaysian “Boeing”.
However, the wall lies between the West and Russia have already been built, and the consequences of its construction will be negative for the West: Russia will go to the East, for a liar to do business impossible. President Putin recently said that Russia will help China to create a system of missile warning, perhaps, China is going to help Russia. This is a very serious cooperation is the level at which Russia’s relations with the West in General are not visible.
Only the President trump, who put forward the thesis about the world “fake media” and the victim from them, maybe there’s something to change, given your special relationship with President Putin, but then it will be a step comparable with the draining of them of the “Washington swamp.”
And the letter to trump “the Turkish Sultan”
This masterpiece of the epistolary genre of presidential history will, in our view, as an example the VIP of humor, though not without threatening overtones. Trump speaks with a serious, even philosophical speeches, he and his counselors, of course, understood that they send to Erdogan. We forget that Donald trump has a lot of experience in show business, and the President Zelensky his game of “95 quarter”, apparently, reminded Trump about the years of his youth. He feels so confident that can afford to say: “don’t be absurd!” the President Erdogan, maybe, because neither the President of the United States does not allow this.

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