Donald Trump may it impose its law to the Justice department?

Donald Trump peut-il imposer sa loi au département de la Justice?

Recent tweets from the president Trump about his can be assumed to exist on the department of Justice, pushed the attorney general William Barr to intervene publicly.

In an interview to the ABC network which we hear so much in the last two days, William Barr acknowledged that the tweets the president made his work impossible. Barr has also pointed out that it cannot be intimidated by the president.

In a healthy democracy, the principle of the separation of powers is sacred and should be preserved. However, it is not unusual to find that some rules or some boundaries are blurred and they may vary depending on the country and the current system. In the United States, it is up to the president to choose who will lead the Justice department. Once this appointment is made, the president is not usually an issue in the management and decisions of the attorney general.

Despite what I just write, the president has recently gazouillé that it had an absolute right of intervention. I don’t think I cause much of a surprise if I tell you that the words of the president are false. We are not in a lie, or a statement preposterous near. Unless you are a supporter blind, we understand that the president instead William Barr in a very difficult situation.

Not only Trump exposes unnecessarily the work of Barr, but it has the rumors that the attorney general would only be a rug on which the chair is drying regularly the feet. Barr had to react in the media, just as it is wise as it is explained before the Congress. Preserve the independence and integrity of the department of Justice is paramount.

The president of the United States is required by the constitution, to ensure the application of the law. Whether it is expressed publicly on the award given to one of his allies goes against human decency. An attack also coarse should not only reacting to the attorney general himself, but of all american lawyers.

Once more, there are serious reasons to worry about the protection of american institutions. As the elected republicans in Congress refuse to condemn the president in order to preserve their chances of being re-elected, that will rise up to denounce the drift? Already, four federal prosecutors in the trial of Roger Stone have passed a clear message by withdrawing from the folder.

How William Barr virus may contribute to reassure Americans worried and the federal prosecutors who fear the growing interference of the executive? He will need to do more than condemn the tweet of the president. If it is true that Donald Trump needlessly complicated things by speaking so frequently and cavalièrement, Barr will eventually have to stand up and confront the president.

The president is taken to a judge, a jury member, he has clearly given his opinion on sentences and has arrogated to itself the right of intervention, which only exists in his dreams. The attorney general must now recall the rules of the game and oppose the substance of the matter, not only express on the number of tweets.

Yes, Donald Trump has been democratically elected and it is necessary to respect the outcome of the election, but being elected is not to get a blank cheque and to work around the system. Unless, of course, that we prefer an authoritarian regime to a true democracy.


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