Donald Trump says that he has the right to intervene in a judicial case

Washington | us president Donald Trump has assured on Friday of a tweet, that he had the right to intervene in a judicial case, while ensuring that it had decided not to do it up here.

A great deal of controversy shakes up Washington after the downward revision of the recommendations of the sentence against Roger Stone, political consultant close to the american president. This decision has taken a particular relief, because it occurred after a tweet from Donald Trump claiming that it was a “very unfair” and a “miscarriage of justice”.

On Thursday, the minister of Justice Bill Barr was assured that the comments the president had not had any impact on the decision of his services, and took the opportunity to call Donald Trump to avoid this kind of tweets that make her work “impossible”.

“The president never asked me to intervene in any manner whatsoever in a criminal case”, he said, a quote included in the tweet the morning of the tenant of the White House.

“This does not mean that I do not have, as president, the right to do so. I have it but I have so far decided not to do it!”, added Donald Trump.

Roger Stone, who advised Donald Trump before and during his campaign, was found guilty in November to lying to Congress, and bribery of a witness in the framework of the investigation on the interference in Russian in the american presidential elections of 2016.

The four prosecutors responsible for the case had initially required between 7 and 9 years in prison against him, but the ministry has déjugés in asking for a sentence of “much lower” in the name of the “interests of justice”.

His sentence is to be announced on 20 February by a federal judge.

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