UNITED STATES According to Mark Meadows, this test was followed by a second negative, and “nothing could have prevented” Donald Trump from participating in the debate

 Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 three days before his fight with Joe Biden, according to his ex-chief of staff

Positive for Covid-19, Donald Trump climbs aboard the Marin One helicopter to join the Walter Reed military hospital, October 2, 2020. – Jacquelyn Martin/AP/SIPA

Donald Trump has always maintained the greatest vagueness over the chronology of his Covid-19 infection. In The Chief & rsquo; s Chief , a book & agrave; appear next week and whose good leaves have been done published by the Guardian , his former chief of staff Mark Meadows says the former President of the United States has been elected. test & oacute; positive three days before his fight with Joe Biden. And that this result was ignored because a second test carried out in stride s & rsquo; is revealed; negative. Donald Trump reacted, assuring that it was & rsquo; fake news & rsquo ;, but with an ambiguous statement.

https: //twitter.com/realLizUSA/status/1466047391438675969?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw→/embed] </center> <p>According to Mark Meadows, a first test came back positive on September 26, just after the ceremony in the Rose Garden for judge Amy Coney Barrett & ndash; an event the origin of a major cluster with around 30 elected and close to infected Trump. Former President & rsquo; s doctor Sean Conley called the chief of staff while Donald Trump took off aboard the Marine One helicopter to get to a meeting in Pennsylvania, telling him & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Prevent the president from leaving, he has just tested positive for Covid. & nbsp; & raquo; According to Mark Meadows, the helicopter was peeling off, and he called. Donald Trump during the flight to tell him the news: & nbsp; & ldquo; & nbsp; Mr. President, I have bad news, you have just been tested & rsquo; positive for Covid & nbsp; & raquo ;. & ldquo; Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me & rdquo; Trump would have replied. (& laquo; You're kidding me & nbsp; & raquo;). </p> <h2> & laquo; & nbsp; Fake news & nbsp; & raquo;, according to Trump </h2> <p>According to Meadows, the positive result came from an old-generation test & ldquo; and a second rapid Binax test (antigenic and not PCR) was carried out. realized at the same time and s & rsquo; is revealed; negative & ndash; still while Donald Trump was in attendance on board Marine One. So he participated & oacute; at the meeting, met & oacute; military families the next day, spoke & oacute; & agrave; journalists without wearing a mask and then crossed paths; iron with Joe Biden. & ldquo; Nothing could have prevented it & nbsp; & rsquo; & rsquo; & rsquo; & rsquo; & rsquo; & rsquo; & rsquo; d & rsquo; participate, & rsquo; writes Mark Meadows. The President of the United States was hospitalized three days after the debate Walter Reed Hospital, where he had been placed on oxygen. </p><iframe class = "digitekaPlayer" id = "digitekaPlayer_01357940" allow = "autoplay" src = "//www.ultimedia.com/deliver/generic/iframe/mdtk/01357940/src/fz3krm/zone/1/showtitle/1? tagparam = category% 3Dmonde% 26subcategory% 3Dmonde% 2Cdonald_trump% 2Ccoronavirus% 2Ccovid-19 "frameborder =" 0 "scrolling =" no "marginwidth =" 0 "marginheight =" 0 "hspace =" 0 "vspace =" 0 "webkitallowfullscreen = "true" mozallowfullscreen = "true" allowfullscreen = "true" width = "500" height = "300"> </iframe> <p>During the following weeks, Donald Trump refused; to say if he had been test & oacute; on the day of the debate. & ldb; Maybe yes, maybe no, I'm tested very regularly & nbsp; & rdquo;, he answered & rsquo; an NBC reporter on October 15. Assuring however & nbsp;: & nbsp; & ldquo; & nbsp; After the debate, I believe one day after, Thursday evening late, I was & rsquo; t & eacute; positive. This is the first time I've learned about it. & Nbsp; & raquo; A statement that seems to contradict the claims of Mark Meadows. </p> <center> https://twitter.com/ptiberry/status/1466121121300836355?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

& ldquo; & nbsp; The story I had about the Covid before, or during, the first debate is fake news. In fact, a test has been revealed. that I did not have the Covid before the debate, & rsquo; Donald Trump responded on Wednesday. What does not card the possibility; one positive test before the second negative one.