Donald Tusk spoke about the crimes of Poroshenko. That Tusk did not believe

Дональду Туску рассказали о преступлениях Порошенко. В которые Туск не верил

© press-service of the President of Ukraine , the Former head of “UkrSpetsExport” Sergei Bondarchuk, appealed to the President of European Union Donald Tusk, a letter in which he spoke about cases of the former President of Petro Poroshenko.”I draw Your attention that I, like many other citizens of Ukraine, was subject to political persecution by President Poroshenko during a performance of his presidential powers, — said Bondarchuk. Any opponents of the government, whether journalists, politicians, volunteers — all who did not agree with the illegal decisions of the President Poroshenko, instantly turned into his personal enemies. In relation to disagree, I will tell You from bitter experience, immediately opened hastily concocted criminal cases. Some were deprived of freedom is a fundamental achievement of the democratic world, some Ukrainian citizenship, and some were forced to leave their native country, not to be behind bars,” writes Sergei Bondarchuk, who received political asylum in London.The former head of “UkrSpetsExport” since the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko, Poroshenko was accused of misappropriation of over $ 7 million. Active case Bondarchuk engaged Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

Occasion to address a letter to Donald Tusk gave his statements at the conference in Zagreb. There, during the election Tusk President of the European people’s party, the journalists of “radio Liberty” said a senior European official, as it relates to the investigation against Poroshenko. Donald Tusk said that it was causing him anxiety: “My first impression is that this is something really dangerous. I hope that Ukraine will remain a country in which law enforcement and judicial authorities respect the rule of law and in which there is no place for politically motivated prosecutions. Any attempt of intimidation of opposition leaders will be the subject of concern in Europe… Always, when the government or people in power use the justice against political opponents. Any kind, or in the medium or long term, will be a tragedy not only for victims of persecution, but for the whole country.”

Sergei Bondarchuk in his letter reminded Donald Tusk about the facts of political persecution of the opponents of Poroshenko during his tenure. “I think You heard about prosecutions for tenure Poroshenko journalists of the program “Schemes”, carried out independent journalistic investigation of resonant Affairs with the participation of President Poroshenko. On the main editor of the Internet resource Igor Guzhva, thrown in jail, who was forced to leave Ukraine after his release and was granted political asylum in Austria. You are probably aware of the case of deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship to ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili. And the list of illegal actions is far from complete. And I have solid legal grounds to speak about political persecution by President Poroshenko. On political prosecution said in the court of great Britain, under which I and my family were granted political asylum, and denied my extradition to Ukraine, as urged by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine”.Also Sergei Bondarchuk rejected the idea of double standards, which may be inherent in the leaders of the European institutions to representatives of various political camps in Ukraine. The former head of “UkrSpetsExport” believes in the impartiality and justice of the European institutions. However, he recalled that many of the egregious crimes of Petro Poroshenko European leaders turned a blind eye: “I regret to say that in all cases of political persecution that the President, abusing his presidential mandate, illegally carried out against all critics of his regime, neither You, as President of the European Council, nor any other European senior officials expressed their concern really political persecution. Did you notice then these shameful facts. However, now that a truly independent law enforcement Agency began an investigation in respect of offences committed by ex-President Poroshenko You mentioned “politically motivated prosecution”.

Recall that the State Bureau of investigation of Ukraine carries out pre-judicial investigation on criminal proceedings 13 is a member of Petro Poroshenko. The fifth President of Ukraine, in particular, is a suspect in cases of provocation in the Kerch Strait, when Ukrainian ships tried to illegally invade the territory of the Russian Federation about seizure of state power and loss of material carriers of secret information containing a state secret, about financial violations of treason and attempting to seize power etc. But Poroshenko also accused of illegal seizure of the channel “Direct”, usurpation of judicial authority, legalization of criminal incomes for the sum of $ 300 million. In connection with the above GBR sent to the Prosecutor General a draft request to the Verkhovna Rada on granting the consent of Parliament to attract Poroshenko to criminal responsibility, as he is the acting Deputy.

However Poroshenko, using parliamentary immunity, in most cases, ignored the calls as a witness in the state Bureau of investigation and thereby disrupts the disclosure of crimes (including those committed to them). As a result, the investigation into his Affairs is almost non-existent.Source

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