Donbass will be integrated into Russia instead of Ukraine

Донбасс будет интегрирован в Россию вместо Украины

The head of the faction “servant of the people” in the Verkhovna Rada David Arakhamiya admitted that Ukraine has no money for the restoration of Donbass. This issue concerns and President Vladimir Zelensky, who encourages everyone to invest in the Donetsk and Lugansk after their “de-occupation”. It is not excluded that the heavy burden of restoring the economy of the region will become the President of Ukraine one of the arguments in favor of “freezing” of the conflict. In this case, the integration of Donbass to Russia, which implicitly lasts for five years, will reach a new level. Analytical portal RuBaltic.Ru find out what are the new steps to expand the Russian presence in the Donbass.

1. The appearance in the Donbass Russian banks

During the war years, the DNI was created “artisanal” banking system, represented by only one institution — the Central Republican Bank (CRB). So far he’s cut off from the outside world, including from the Russian Federation. The transfer of money from Russia to the Bank account of CRH is impossible to produce.

Many residents of the region are seriously complicates life. For example, those who went to neighboring country to work and can not transfer funds to their families. Or those Russian citizens who want to help their relatives in DNR. In the end, the Russian public and political organizations, provides the Donbass humanitarian aid, too, have “cash” to deliver the collected money. There is another very convenient option is the use of electronic wallets. Especially popular “Yandex.Money” (in the words of the Minister of communications DND Victor Yatsenko, he uses the service).

In any case, the creation of a unified Russian banking system, DPR becomes a necessity.And Moscow, which has de facto taken the Donbass custody, it will also make life easier.

The only problem is that the existing Russian banks are not eager to enter the territory of the unrecognized republics, fearing to fall under international sanctions.

If desired, this situation can be found out. For example, to aim to work with LDNR those companies who are not afraid of sanctions. A year ago in the Donbass were rumors about the opening of the Crimean branch of the Bank, and official government decision has been said about the registration of a branch of the Bank with “registration” in South Ossetia.

The latter (again, rumored) needed for normal operation of large industrial enterprises, which are under external management, ZAO “Vneshtorgservis”. But the logical continuation of this story and has not received: in fact the DNR is still functioning just CRH.

Perhaps, after the appearance of Russian commercial banks in the DNI and LC, local residents will be able not only to receive transfers from Russia, but also to use other services that are now unavailable to them.For example, to take money on credit. On crediting of physical persons — entrepreneurs as a tool to stimulate the economy conversations go long.

2. The unification of the Railways of Donbass and Russia

An extensive network of Railways was created in Donbass, first of all, for the needs of industry. The rails are traditionally “chase” coal, coke, metal, equipment for repair and so on.

In 2017, Ukrainian radicals and then official Kiev has blocked for their own factories supply routes of raw materials and export of finished products.

As a result of “pearls” of the business Empire of Rinat Akhmetov came under external management the already mentioned “the Vneshtorgservis”.The blockade is not lifted so far, and judging by the conditions put forward by the Ukrainian side, to remove it nobody will. Therefore, to export products to export plants LDNR can only in the Eastern direction. Without railway communication with Russia, they simply will not survive.

Of special note is the question of passenger messages. To go to Russia and Ukraine, the people of the Donetsk Republic today only by private car or bus. SE “Donetsk railway” working on a few suburban routes. On the train ride to and from the Russian border, but there we have to change.

According to the head of DNR Denis Pushilin, soon this problem will be solved. “The establishment of direct railway communication with Russia is planned. Direct refers to direct — the message is intended, in particular, with Moscow and St. Petersburg. The system worked out, and hopefully in the near future we will be able to use it”, — said Pushilin.

Oddly enough, earlier this information was confirmed by Ukrainian side.The representative of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Vadim Skibitsky said “about a possible merger of the Railways of Lugansk, Donetsk and incorporate them into a unified system of Railways”.

Why this process has stalled, it is easy to guess: JSC “Russian Railways”, as well as banking institutions, fears of sanctions in the case of railway transport on the territory of the unrecognized republics. On the agenda is the question of security. In the area Yasinovataya — the largest railway hub in Donetsk region remains recorded “arrivals”.

However, the cars with the emblems of the Russian Donetsk Republic already operate quite openly.For people who plan to travel to Russia by train, this is a good sign.

3. Conduct of the exam in Donetsk

Graduates of schools in the DNR annually pass the State final attestation (GIA). According to her results, are enrolled in higher education institutions.

The format of the DPA, in fact, differs little from the External independent testing (EIT) in Ukraine and Unified state examination (use) in Russia. Besides the standards of education in the Donbass has long been “adjusted” under the accounting standards of the Russian Federation. So many students and their parents certainly interested in the question: when the exam will conduct directly to the DNI?

Donbass applicants who wish to study in Russia, and to pass this exam.But they need to actually go to another country (often with parents). And the result of the testing, which the young man or woman goes after a hard road may not be the best.

The organization of the exam in the Republic fraught with difficulties. For example, as the Federal service for supervision in education and science (Rosobrnadzor) will control this process?Give control of the Ministry of education and science of DPR? But local officials are obviously interested in applicants from their region passed exams on “excellent”.

All these questions, of course, if you want you can solve it. “As for the exam, I hope that next year the graduates for their delivery will not need to travel outside of the Republic, — said on this occasion, Denis Pushilin. — Currently done on the basis of one of schools of Donetsk to organize the process.”

4. The creation of an alternative water supply system

Before the presidential elections in Ukraine analytical portal RuBaltic.Ru wrote that independent authorities are planning to use the channel Seversky Donets — Donbass (SDD) as a lever of pressure on the DNR. The concept of “Zelensky thaw” it doesn’t fit, but the fact remains: the previous Cabinet of Ministers announced the creation of an alternative water supply system of Mariupol. If the project is implemented, then Kiev will be able to “close the valve” Donetsk Republic.

We can only guess how much the DNR can survive without drinking water, main source of which is the channel the Seversky Donets — Donbass. Reserve reservoir is, but their reserves are limited. Therefore, for local authorities to the issue of searching for alternative supply system also becomes relevant.

Perhaps the most technically challenging option is to pull a conduit from Russia.While it is only an idea. However, it may well implement, if Zelensky will go to plan B and decides to cut itself off from Donbas wall, through which even water will not seep.Alex Ilyashevich

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