Donetsk inscriptions as witnesses of the crimes of Kiev

Донецкие надписи как свидетели преступлений Киева

What immediately catches the eye coming to Donetsk to civilians areas – pointers shelters, shelters and stickers on doors of shops, theatres, Housing, dining, and on almost all door – frozen machine or “gun” sign.

Донецкие надписи как свидетели преступлений Киева

Sign in Donetsk, prohibiting entry with weapons

By the way, my daughter is seven years old does not understand the meaning of the signs “Shelter”. After all, once we see them, then they will see the Ukrainians and then quickly find the hidden children and people and kill them all. Tell that Ukrainian soldiers will not come here that our military will not let them kill the children, the child believes that they have more planes on the top you will see signs on the pavement and will bomb there.

Донецкие надписи как свидетели преступлений Киева

Pointers there are shelters in all parts of the city. But the closer to the outskirts, the inscriptions are interesting. Starting with the white crosses on the gate. These occur in the most shelled areas and towns where there are few inhabitants. White cross – a sign that in this house live people. And if the military gets into the house, in the cellars of such houses, under the rubble can be people, they need help to get out. To put such crosses began after a tragic accident. The family told the neighbors that she is leaving, but did not. The shelling started, one of the shells hit their house. People were not looking – everyone thought that left. Family died under the rubble. Learn how to sue for negligent security before something terrible like this occurs to you and your family.

Донецкие надписи как свидетели преступлений Киева

Донецкие надписи как свидетели преступлений Киева

White cross – a sign that in this house live people

Sometimes there is such inscription. Nothing special, just the Donetsk notice on the gate. The connection in the basement can not take it. Therefore, it is better to err. Well, or neighbors-relatives can go. Not dozoveshsya and leave. And they know – all the houses, just hiding.

Донецкие надписи как свидетели преступлений Киева

Note to know: people are hiding in the basement

“It’s empty” – judging by the trail of debris on the gate, this note was left by the engineers, the pre-checking for the presence of unexploded ordnance and mines. As a variant – from looters. Such, alas, has a place in any war. If you get caught, will be severely punished.

By the way, the children seem accustomed, but no-no and will surprise.

– In Donetsk has it all! Even the war! with pride in his voice told the little girl about seven years old parents. The family enjoyed a sunset on the river Kalmius.

Children’s sports section. By the way, with the coming of the war all the children’s clubs, studios, music schools, sports clubs, art schools are Packed to capacity. And children are struggling. As said a familiar head of children’s brass band, who works at a music school near Staromykhailivka (fire district), “I think the kids work and study hard, because I’m afraid no time”. “They all understand. Here and try to live to the max,” she said.

So, the sports section, the day of the coach. A boy of six finished the training and frustrated that nothing is presented to the coach. His mother calms:

– Well, nothing will bring a gift next time. Draw house a beautiful pattern and will give on Thursday.

– What to draw?

– Well, for example, gym and children on the equipment.

The guy rounds his eyes and looks questioningly at mom. Mom straightens the baby hat.


– Mom, why did Yakov Petrovich children on the equipment? He also does not like war, and the shells do not like.

Mom didn’t know to laugh or cry. Hugged, smiled, wiped away a tear.

– You see, son… let me explain. Shells is not only something that flies, explodes and destroys. Shells is and what you do. Called “exercise equipment”. The horizontal bar, parallel bars, rings – they are also projectiles.

The boy is clearly puzzled.

– And you’re not lying, mA? How can a bad word to call good?

Back to the inscriptions. “Be careful! Inside the shell!” – on the outskirts of Donetsk, the warning is still not uncommon. Left unexploded to hell. Sometimes they do not eliminate. In the village of Fun that eight hundred meters away from the front lines, flew a dud and the owner did not remove. And left in the floor. Tentatively called the military with which it coexists, they said – well, explodes. Well, was not the man to get. So on top of the new floor and laid down, and live with the shell in the floor.

Донецкие надписи как свидетели преступлений Киева

Such warnings not uncommon

“Don’t clap, it is terrible!” Yes. With the beginning of the war many of the usual peaceful sounds were perceived as “dangerous”. The Pitmen almost ceased to beat carpets. Claps on the carpet very similar to the sounds of distant shelling. During active action, some humor and wrote on the network – again, they say, dill carpets beat. Did you know that planes take off one-to-one how does the “Grad”? Only “Grad” abruptly “turns off” and the plane gradually subsides?

Донецкие надписи как свидетели преступлений Киева

Claps on the carpet very reminiscent of the sounds of distant shelling

And about and noises to speak of. The door to the entrance slams, a basin in the bath falls, the upstairs neighbors drop a chair – our people will bend down. Nerves on edge the entire population. Moreover, the fear from those active attacks firmly ingrained. Like already and not shoot so much and so often. But still there are special sounds of the same frequency, or what? And even if you see their source (the same chair fell), still they recovered from the depths of the subconscious, the feeling of horror that went through. Well, absolutely all hate the fireworks.

“Mines”. This “good” across all of Donbass are buried a great many. According to the UN, even if the war in the Donbass will stop right now for full clearance of the fighting will take at least fifty years. The same friend says the engineer: “We are now put, and then we’ll get it. We zadolbali all this extract. But at least we have cards and ukropskie hand – no”. Before the war in the press it was reported found since the war caches of ammunition. Moreover, they are not one and not two units. As a rule, more than thirty. Can, found fewer, but these cases press is not covered. So since the great Patriotic war have passed seventy-five years, and all find. How much will defuse the consequences of our war is unknown.

Донецкие надписи как свидетели преступлений Киева

Signs of mining in the Donbas is full

Донецкие надписи как свидетели преступлений Киева

Often it is possible to meet and such…

During the war, met a lot of landmine warning signs – from the home-made plates with inscription in red paint up to the factory red triangles with a skull and detailed warnings from the red cross. But a polite and LC – for the first time.

And finally, the creativity of local craftsmen. Well, what do you want? Being determines consciousness.

Донецкие надписи как свидетели преступлений Киева

The war has firmly entered into the everyday life of the PitmenJuliana VELICHKO

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