Don’t be afraid to dream rituals that will fulfill your desires in 2020

Не бойтесь мечтать: ритуалы, которые исполнят ваши желания в 2020 

On the eve of the full moon is the time to think about what you want to achieve in the future.Today are 16 lunar day, and tomorrow, December 12, you will be able to observe the full moon. The full moon in Gemini — the perfect time to come up with dreams for the coming year — this period will allow the stars to be that all your desires will be fulfilled faster than you think. will tell you how to write a bucket list.Light energyaustralia believe that dreaming is necessary only in good mood, otherwise the negative energy will suppress all light intentions. In order to quickly get rid of obsessive thoughts, write them down on a sheet of paper and burn it in an ashtray or other non-flammable surface. Look at the fire and mentally let go of anxiety — remember that there are no problems that cannot be solved by your desire and effort.Beautiful blokatorami to select a special notebook for the fulfillment of desires is meaningless — it is exactly the same notebook only costs 10-20 times higher. Better record your dreams in your favorite diary or notebook that you use for drawing. First, think about what you imagine next year: to meet my love and spend as much time as possible with her, to travel alone and to be independent, to work up a sweat and get more money — the decision is yours.Right formulirovat “I want a lot of money” write “earn in 2020 200 thousand rubles for a trip to Paris.” The more precisely you formulate dreams, the easier they become targets. Don’t be afraid to think boldly — you opened the whole world, just to understand it. There are no unsolvable situations — the answer always lies within you. Even if your dreams are Grand, for example, to star in a Hollywood movie, know that they can be executed. Since you also need persistence and proper planning steps to achieve the goal. As you begin to move in the right direction, the cards themselves will develop as desired — you’ll see.To share or not deltsaone prefer to first get the result and then tell about it friends, others share their joy one can only dream. We offer you to stay in the Golden middle: can you tell us about your plans, if you really are making steps towards the dream, and not engaged in idle chatter. It is quite possible that your environment will quickly translate dreams into reality — you never know which side to wait for help.Control rezultatais dreams, keep a notebook away from prying eyes — so you won’t be nervous because the objectives are not fulfilled during the first month of the year, but will always keep them in mind. Six months later, you can look in Notepad and see what parts of the plans were fulfilled, and what else to work on in the remaining half of the year.

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