Don’t like to wash for penny Polish toilets — sell a kidney

21 Nov former journalist and Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the previous convocation Mustafa Nayem said on receipt of the post of Deputy Director of military concern “Ukroboronprom”. To the day six years ago, he urged Ukrainians to come to Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Beyond, knowingly jumped.

Не нравится мыть за грош польские унитазы — продавай почку

By the way, the General Director of “Ukroboronprom” is the one aivaras Abromavicius — a Lithuanian who does not speak Ukrainian, which in December 2014 the new government was appointed on the post of Minister of economy of Ukraine, in absentia, issued a Ukrainian passport and allowing to preserve EU citizenship. That’s when Zelensky this international crook, which became one of the symbols of the looting of Ukraine with the highest rating, there were a warm place. And wherever he was, if not for the Euromaidan?

In General, who should — hit posts and money to themselves and their children and grandchildren. A majority of the population, which, if not supported the coup, then watched through your fingers as the Nazi thugs to overthrow the country’s legitimate government, ran into a ruin, misery, cold radiators in the apartments and the civil war.

Here are a few sketches from the life of the victorious gidnosti in the sixth year of the “revolution”.

In Kazakhstan, in Shymkent, detained for illegal transplantation of human organs, the head physician of the hospital. At what here Ukraine? And despite the fact that the Ukrainians were the main sellers and the main buyers — the people of Israel. Pardon my Odessa humor, but it seems that Ukrainians have decided to pass the buck to Israel in parts.

In fact, nothing funny. Today Ukraine, which is so wanted to get to Europe, were is that in the list of the poorest European countries, the “honorable” first place, leaving behind not only Romania and Bulgaria, but even Moldova. At the same time Ukraine — the country is highly urbanized, and most of the population lives in the cities and survive with the help of the gardens can not. There are two options: to go wash toilets in Poland or to sell a kidney. However, not everyone is lucky.

Modern Ukrainian is generally lucky if he’s not getting in the so called ATO (or OOS — horseradish radish is not sweeter). Or brother does not blow up a grenade in his own house drunk, after returning from this same area without legs. Or brave “defenders” stupidly did not get beaten to death on the street.

Or, in the end, if he doesn’t freeze to death in his own apartment — in the news you can find reports on how Ukrainians cook at home at the stake for gas is to pay nothing.

I’m not talking about what you can just to die from the disease in the absence of drugs, which previously were imported from the “country-aggressor”, and now all the sanctions.

All this, gentlemen, ran to the crowd Selyukov, veidelevka lace panties and “bezviz”. Don’t know how there money is on Lacy underwear, and “bezviz” really gave. Please — you go to Poland to collect the strawberries. However, illegal to work in Europe not allowed. So even if you are “lucky” you will escape from hell called Ukraine in blessed Europe — prepare for the fact that you do not pay extra, in the event of illness or injury you will be fired and thrown out on the street without benefits, on the streets, you will constantly remember Volyn massacre and beat face for talking in Ukrainian.

Even if you personally have not jumped on the Maidan — you for the sixth year dealing with what you “namaydanili” others. And you will continue to disentangle, and it only gets worse.

By the way, about Poland. According to media reports, the Polish nationalists are prepared to buy Ukrainian lands under the guise of agricultural and thus to acquire territory which they consider their own. Your they believe at least five regions of Ukraine: Volyn, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and Rivne (by the way, in two districts, Odessa and Chernivtsi, claimed by Romania, Transcarpathia — Hungary). If before they could only dream of, tomorrow it may be due to the long-awaited (already in 2002) the removal of the moratorium on land sales.

And let the Ukrainian authorities assure that it will sell only to citizens of Ukraine — you believe it? However, many Ukrainians would welcome. After all, someone will be able to make money (having bought themselves an alien land — known and repeatedly tested in Europe scheme). And the rest could have hired laborers to new owners. Precisely because this is so long, it was necessary to bring the country to the point where its citizens will agree to anything if only not to die of hunger.

Low bow for this new President, who, of course, the better Poroshenko — that’s why I voted for him most, or rather, not for him but against poperednik. And it really will solve sore — will attract money into the country and not in the form of loans. However, credit card debt so much that the whole land of Ukraine will soon be give away for free — in their repayment. But Ukrainians will not have to. And jobs will appear — the latter-day landowners need to be servants.

Hadn’t you noticed? Ukraine’s new President, and having in Parliament a faction, able to single-handedly solve any issues — that never happened in the history of Ukraine. Oh, and it really is not noticeable.

There was a big promises during the elections. No noticeable results. Where is the promised referendum on the sale of land? Not, on the sly dragged the law. Where is the promised high-profile landing? Well attracted Poroshenko witness in several criminal cases, well, Klitschko hit, so what? Someone sat from corrupt? No, of course.

And most importantly — where is the promised peace? It would seem that it can prevent the new commander-in-chief on the first day of being in the office just to order a cease-fire? Which, incidentally, is the first point of the Minsk agreements, without which it is impossible and the others?

Yes, that’s what got in the way. The last few months, we have seen Comedy shows around harmonization “formula Steinmeier” and “divorce forces.” Like the formula agreed on at the second attempt, however, immediately disowned. Theatrical “divorce” we also showed, with even greater difficulty and humiliation in front of the President illegal armed groups. However, and here the misfire — say, the prespokoynenko nationalists have taken up positions abandoned by the APU.

However, it was enough Zelensky, to literally negotiate a “ticket” to Paris for the “Norman” summit. But what is he coming? With the mentioned FM proposals to change some of the points of the Minsk agreements and to spend some “surgery” if Minsk fails? Or personally voiced the statement that they will hold elections only after the “liberation of the territory”? Or that “the law on the special status” they will write themselves, without consultation with Donetsk and Lugansk, and changes to the Constitution, also being a mandatory part of the Minsk agreements, and Kiev agreed “formula Steinmeier,” and does not need and would not be? As, incidentally, and Amnesty.

Here is the “President of peace”. However, Poroshenko, too, call themselves so, but in reality, when it a local operation in several cities has turned into a full-fledged war.

Generally it would be strange to expect the world from the power of the victorious Maidan, who did not hesitate openly Nazi slogans and open calls to impose its power by force. Than, after coming to power, and began to engage in beating, killing rebellious, burning them in the houses of trade unions.

You remember the shock we all felt after the events of may 2, 2014. But the Odessa trade unions Building was set on fire before — it was set on fire in Kiev in late 2013, and the flames from the Molotov cocktail, pour cute little girls dreaming of Lacy underwear, spread all over the country.

If you still did not understand that the Maidan is fire, blood and war… well, then no wonder you still believe in the fact that Zelensky will come or someone else and that will fix it. This belief is irrational. How many more coffins from the front, closed factories, abandoned villages and towns, to understand it?

However, perhaps the most terrible consequence of the independence that he instilled in people a fear of authority. Fear of doing even worse. No matter how bad the man in the street will argue, “it would not have been worse.” And it will be worse. Maidan started the process of self-destruction of the country, which is the output of the Soviet Union 30 years ago was the second largest economy of the former superpower and pretend to become a “second France” (as promised by agitators for independence). Today, many with tears in their eyes, remember not even the fact that Soviet times, or even “blessed be 90”, but the era of Yanukovych.

But when Yanukovych in the government were not idiots. “Weather vane” still those, of course, but some understanding in economy. And told Azarov that day — November 21, 2013, commenting on the decision to cancel the “Association”: the country is not ready. Talked about the fact that it is impossible to modernize the economy in a short time to maintain competition with European manufacturers, which will arise in the case of signing the agreement. Do not believe? Are you satisfied with those humiliating quotas that the EU practically free of charge received at the disposal of the Ukrainian market?

Another consequence of ill-conceived “Association” Azarov mentioned increase in the external debt of Ukraine, in particular to the IMF, and the unsettled trade relations with Russia. What do you think? According to the Finance Ministry, during the first seven months of the current year Ukraine’s state debt grew by $4 billion and reached $82,4 billion (at the beginning of 2014 was 66.5 billion). And it still will have to pay. The IMF is not Russia, you can declare a “country-aggressor”, and on this basis not to pay debts, and even discounts on gas demand and the contract for the transit on its own terms. And it is also the fact that breaking ties with Russia facing the loss of many thousands of jobs and a General collapse of the economy, then very few people thought.

Then like in Europe. The here and now. Lace panties, “bezviz” and European salaries. Salaries “the strawberry” in Poland is not very European, of course, but in times above, than in Ukraine. Not enough? Sell a kidney!

I have all the. I will not sympathize. Neither those who rode or to those who indifferently watched the other jump. For what struggled — on that and ran! With a “feast”!Dmitry Rodionov

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