Doping: the president of The UCI wants to ban steroids from the season 2019

David Lappartient, president of the UCI — Cornelius Poppe/AP/SIPA

Surprisingly, they do not appear on the list of products banned by the World anti-Doping Agency. However, the corticosteroids are a target to be slaughtered for the president of the international cycling Union recently elected,
David Lappartient. He wants to ban cycling before the kick-off of the season 2019. In other words, it leaves a year to act.

The boss of the UCI, stated on the site a rider could, for example, be sanctioned by a ban of temporary departure in case of use of corticosteroids. “For example, the rider is left for 15 days and come back when everything is in order,” shows there.

Cyclists under treatment will come to a halt

What about the use of corticosteroids in the context of a medical treatment ? Lappartient, always :

“If you need steroids because your health is not good, yes, you can have them. But in this case, you should stop cycling when you are sick. Because when you take steroids, your level of cortisol (natural) declines. And if you have a low level, then you need to be arrested and come back when your level will be normal. “

Corticosteroids are in particular prescribed to treat asthma. A problem to the extent that the asthma is rife in the peloton and in top-level sport in general. TheAMA had already expressed doubts about such a prohibition in the beginning of the year.

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