Dossier Giuliani

Досье Джулиани

Dossier Giuliani showed up on time. Not earlier and not later. This is a new Watergate. It will be important trump trump in the election. It will hit the whole pyramid of Democrats if they would support Biden if not, then at least one Biden can land that hit on any democratic candidate.Giuliani is the most accomplished lawyer in the United States. He led the investigation, specifically knowing that you can use in court. He is not a journalist, so was attracted by the OAN, to make the picture.A pyramid of corruption for Giuliani looks like this: Soros-Biden, after three of the USA in Ukraine (Payet/Jovanovic/Taylor) and their Deputy George Koporulina/Anixety/Shabunin/KASKO/Sakvarelidze/Holodnitsky/Leshenapant the prosecution Giuliani would be: the Democratic party uses the state apparatus for their own selfish purposes. Will be open the next business.Issuance and cancellation of visas in the United States. Witnesses: Shokin, Ohendovsky.The creation of granary books PR attempt to discredit trump. Witnesses: Okhendovsky, Artemenko, Telizhenko.Biden has made Shokin fired because of the case Burimi. Witnesses: Shokin, Kulik.Jovanovic lied under oath. The Witness: Lutsenko.Hunter Biden laundered 16.5 m$ via Morgan Stanley. The witness: Derkach and financial documents.Soros created a network in Ukraine NGOs that “protects” corruption. Witnesses: Derkach, Kulik and George Kent. (The complex case). Rush has already declared corrupt.ZeRada

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