Double challenge met with the album “La Voix chante”

Double challenge met with the album

Mixing up an album of “La Voix” with many artists with opposing styles is already a challenge in itself. Add an imponderable called COVID-19, requiring physical distancing, and the process becomes all the more complex!

The album “La Voix chante”, the ninth opus derived from the popular program, has just been released, with its 12 duets of candidates from the present edition of “La Voix”, who appropriate songs from here adored by Quebecers, drawn from the repertoire of great feathers from the province (Dubois, Moffatt, Vallières, Bélanger, Piché, Rivard, De Larochellière, Michaud, etc.).

In the process of creating the compilation, which began teleworking in March, director Toby Gendron had to not only associate the right pieces with the right performers and pair up coherent duets, but also manage all the hazards imposed by the pandemic. The principal concerned affirms that the operation was complicated, but considers it successful today.

“There is a bit of history in this album,” says Toby Gendron, who judges that the technological challenge has been “very, very well” taken up.

“It was even surprising. My sidekick Sylvain Michel and I worked in the same studio, 20 meters away, with software that linked us together for video and sound. We were each in our studio. The whole album was made like that, together, ”says the man who once collaborated with Diane Dufresne and Jean Leloup, among others.

The singers' voices were recorded in other studios this summer. Each candidate had their own closed space with a personal entrance, which prevented them from meeting each other, even if the pieces are performed in tandem on the disc. The distancing puzzle, which also involved frequent hand washing and other sanitary measures, was thus solved.

Not too pop

In addition to its particular recording context, the album “La Voix chante” is the first extirpated from “La Voix” bringing together so many talents assembled in duets, observes Toby Gendron.

The work also has the merit of promoting recent musical material and not earworms revisited a thousand times, and can be listened to well even if one has not watched “La Voix”, according to him.

“We didn't want to go too much into the old classics. We wanted to reach out to today's singer-songwriters. We were trying to cover a little wider. We didn't want to be too “pop” either; we weren't targeting the radios. We just wanted to have fun making music from already beautiful pieces, going back to the roots and not worrying about the commercial aspect. ”

The album “La Voix chante” has been on sale in physical format and on all streaming and downloading platforms since Friday.

Les Directs from Sunday!

This is the last step before the crowning of “the” voice of the year in Quebec: the Live streams for this eighth season of “La Voix” begin this Sunday, September 27, at 7 pm, and will last four weeks. , at TVA. The winner of this edition marked by the pandemic will be known during the grand finale on October 18. Until then, we are promised major shows with more than twenty guests such as Patrice Michaud, Corneille, Bobby Bazini, Marie-Pierre Arthur, FouKi and the Orchester symphonique de Québec, all expected on Sunday, as well. than other artists like Fanny Bloom, Daniel Boucher, Ludovick Bourgeois, Marie Carmen, Louis-Jean Cormier, Lara Fabian, Half Moon Run, Geneviève Jodoin, Ariane Moffatt, Roch Voisine, Tyler Shaw, Vincent Vallières and 2Frères. Recall that in Battle Chants presented last week (appreciated by 1,459,000 viewers, according to preliminary data from Numeris), Michaela Cahill (Marc Dupré team), Tom-Éliot Girard (Cœur de pirate team), Karolane Brisson (team Garou) and Malia (Pierre Lapointe team) obtained their pass for the rest of the adventure.

The duets of the album

Like a Million People (Claude Dubois) – Allison Daniels and PETiTOM

At the height of a man (Vincent Vallières) – Clément Jacques and Alex Burger

Point de mire (Ariane Moffatt) – Catherine Laurin and William Fontaine-Jalbert

The Staircase (Paul Piché) – Philippe Tremblay and Tom-Eliot Girard

Get Me Out of Me (Daniel Bélanger) – Suzie Villeneuve and Vidjay Rangaya

Ensemble (Corneille) – Malia and Jason Valentino

A hole in the clouds (Michel Rivard) – Josiane Comeau and Gabriel Langelier

Us after us (the Boulay Sisters) – Flora Stein and Joffré Charles

Often, a long time, a lot (Diane Tell) – Laurie Drolet and Marie Luce

The rainy season (Patrice Michaud) – Beth Cossette and Francis DeGranpré

So fragile (Luc De Larochellière) – Katrine Sansregret and Karolane Brisson

I won't go elsewhere (France D'Amour) – Michaela Cahill and Gabriel Forest

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