Double poisoning, the deception of Americans and conspiracy against the President: it collected Giuliani in Ukraine

Двойное отравление, обман американцев и заговор против президента: что собрал Джулиани на Украине

The personal lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump Rudolph Giuliani published the findings from his trip to Ukraine, as well as in Vienna and Budapest. He was confident that the Democratic party deceive the American society.The President of the United States Donald trump did nothing wrong, pointing out in a conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on the need to investigate cases of corruption in the country. This was stated by attorney trump, the former new York mayor Rudolph JulianI.”After hundreds of hours and months of research I gathered witnesses and documents that reveal the truth behind the impeachment, and show that Donald trump has not committed a crime yet”, — he wrote in his Twitter on December 15.

Recording he is accompanied by videoanonsa interview with him. Giuliani sure: corruption in 2016 in Ukraine was so comprehensive that trump had to ask about the investigation.

“Extortion, bribery and money laundering go beyond the case of Biden. In addition, the conspiracy of the National Committee of the Democratic party of Ukraine, with the goal to destroy trump’s candidate,” said Giuliani.

In his Twitter he said what is happening in Ukraine.

The Victim Is Victor

In their tweets Giuliani revealed what the Ukrainians had never before suspected. If you had all thought of the Ukrainian politicians hunted only a third of the country’s President , Viktor Yushchenko, when he was a candidate for the elections in 2004 (though the version of the poisoning has not been confirmed officially), but now thanks to Giuliani, all in the United States, and the Ukraine learned that the hunted one, Victor — attorney General in 2015-2016 by the Victor.”Fired for threats to Biden to hold $ 1 billion in vital U.S. aid. Shokin medical records show that he was poisoned, died twice, but recovered. In Ukraine, if this gets out, will fly a lot of goals,” — said Giuliani.According to him, Shokin pressed in the following way: the former to trump the victory in the presidential election of Vice-President of USA Joe Biden called the then head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, and he then went to Shokin and demanded to slow down the investigation by the company Burisma, where he worked for Biden’s son. And then Shokin received the documents from Latvia testifying to laundering $16 million of Money laundered in the following way: they came from the Ukraine to Latvia and from there to Cyprus. So hunter Biden, according to Giuliani, received $3 million, which is a violation of the legislation on money laundering.

The document spoke of Biden — a request sent from the General Prosecutor’s office of Latvia, and regarding the laundering of $14.6 million through the company Burisma from 2012 to 2015. According to the Peloponnese, it was not the only request regarding the company, the Board of Directors that was Biden, Jr. As for poisonings Shokin, the details of the case yet. If they appear, they can be the basis for another high-profile investigation against Poroshenko.

However, Shokin is not the only former Ukrainian Prosecutor General, talked to Biden.

Servant of innumerable gentlemen

Among those whom I had met Giuliani in early December, was and changer Shokin to the post of head of the GPU, from time to time a faithful ally of Poroshenko, person, which is not good had to take place (it does not have the relevant legal education) for attorney General. Talking about Yuri Lutsenko. Under the curtain of his career as a Prosecutor, he flew to the United States that was widely seen as a fight for political survival. At the same time Lutsenko is the first time a tete-a-tete spoke with Giuliani.

“First love doesn’t rust”, and that’s Giuliani again visited Lutsenko. And he told him about the behavior of former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

“When Lutsenko found a case in which $7 million went to the United States through possible money laundering, he wanted help from the American Ministry of justice. He thought that Jovanovic will help him. But it has not helped”, — said in the program, a link to which I posted Giuliani in Tiwtter.

In this video Yuriy Lutsenko applied the skills obtained during training in London — spoke with Giuliani in the English language.

“I was shocked again, when Ms. Yovanovitch said two members of the Committee: “Lutsenko asked me to arrange his meeting with the attorney General. But you, gentlemen, know that this is the procedure — Lutsenko should, rather, Lutsenko should give us a brief description of what he wants to talk to American law enforcement. And he never gave us that information.” I have some bad news for MS jovanović. Here is my letter — my genprokurorskih request in relation to the investigation of a criminal organization Yanukovych and mentioning a possible investment in the US for money laundering. “Dear legal attache”, “the office of the legal attache at the U.S. Embassy”, — described in the language of Shakespeare and Orwell their communication with Jovanovic and documents that were submitted to the American Embassy, by Lutsenko.While Giuliani himself, describing his video interview with Lutsenko, cited other evidence of ex-Prosecutor General.

“Records confirm that Ambassador Yovanovitch at least twice perjured. The documents show that it had denied visas to witnesses who could prove the corruption of Biden and the Democrats. A clear confirmation document of money laundering and Biden Burisma,” said Giuliani.Interestingly, the video of Lutsenko breaks on the last phrase: “She’s under oath…” Obviously, Lutsenko tried to say that Jovanovic had lied under oath.

While Giuliani claims that a number of other representatives of the democratic party lied under oath.

In General, exposing Giuliani can serve as a catalyst not only for us but for Ukrainian politics. Practically, this means that Ukraine becomes for US still more toxic, and Ukrainian politicians themselves get a lesson: do not go on about the representatives of the American political elite. Indeed, in the case of losing the elections, the American “friends” can turn into “oppressed and persecuted”, including for their corruption. In the USA, unlike Ukraine, is not welcome.George Archers

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