Downhill: new version pâlotte

Downhill: nouvelle version pâlotte

Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus try, Downhill doesn’t work.

Americans have the curious habit of remaking movies that have no need to go to the wringer hollywood (one thinks of the excellent To it, in particular). This is the case of Downhill, literally “descent” of a hill or a mountain, which fails to generate interest.

Billie (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Pete (Will Ferrell) spend a few days skiing in the Alps with their two sons (Julian Grey and Ammon Jacob Ford). The first days are going well, the agreement prevails almost. Because the cracks in the couple are larvées, but apparent.

Suddenly, while the family eats on the terrace of his hotel, an avalanche-controlled, triggered by the station to ensure the safety of skiers, gives the impression that she will swallow everything in its path. In the Face of the apparent danger, Pete gets up and runs off, leaving Billie and the children alone at the table. When he returns, his people are in shock, not only to have thought of dying, but to see that Pete has not thought for a single second to them.

The original, the Force majeure Swedish released in 2014, was praised by the critics before becoming the choice of this country to represent at the Oscars. Downhill is not of the same caliber. The fault is it Will Ferrell? The actor and comedian is struggling to find the balance between a character continually incarnate – the adulescent a little beta one wonders how he manages to assume any responsibility – and the caustic required for the role of Pete. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, she plays on this mix of dark humor and drama seen by viewers of HBO in the series Veep. She is doing so much more honorably than his colleague.

Despite a few twists and turns sympathetic – in which the character played by Miranda Otto, this Downhill 86 minutes is annoying and does absolutely nothing, not even the pleasure of being resolutely anti Valentine’s day.

Note: 2 on 5

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