Dr. Fauci, or the art of correct Trump without the shine

Le Dr Fauci ou l'art de corriger Trump sans le braquer

WASHINGTON | Dr. Anthony Fauci, world renowned authority in infectious diseases, has deployed a new talent in front of the coronavirus: the art of gently crop his boss, the u.s. president, without a threat to its authority.

Almost every day, this specialist in immunology at the calm tone and a faculty member sharing a podium with Donald Trump to make the point, in front of the media, on the response to the crisis.

And if it measures well head unless the president, he did not let count.

Director of the national institute of infectious diseases since the 1980s, Anthony Fauci, 79 years of age, distinguished himself in the fight against many viruses, from aids to Ebola, with the goal of providing reliable information to the general public.

In the Face of the pandemic COVID-19, it follows the same line of conduct, even sometimes contradict Donald Trump attempted, for its part, to minimize the severity of the crisis or to promise a swift solution to her fellow cloistered at home.

“I’m walking on a ridge line”, has recently recognized Dr. Fauci. “I say things to the president that he did not want to hear, and I have publicly stated different things from what he performs”.

“I don’t want to embarrass you,” or “play hard”, “I just want to give the facts,” he added in a trade with the New York Times.

Thus, when the tenant of the White House has hinted in early march that a vaccine would be available within “three to four months,” the expert has immediately added: “we will not have a vaccine, we will begin the tests on a vaccine”.

And add in his focus to new york rocky : “As I told you, Mr. president, it will take a year to a year and a half” before distributing a safe and effective vaccine.

“Throw himself on the mic”

More recently, Donald Trump has boasted the preliminary results are “very encouraging” of an antimalarial drug against the new virus. Questioned the next day about that, Dr. Fauci noted that the studies on the subject were still “anecdotal”.

Yet, he minimized their differences. “I’m not in disagreement on the merits” with the president, he assured in an interview published Sunday by the Science Magazine.

The president “is expressed in a way that I would not have chosen because it can create misunderstandings about the facts,” but “on matters of importance, he is listening to me”, he added.

However, some of its messages seem to get lost. For a long time, Donald Trump has continued to tighten ostensibly the hands of his interlocutors, ignoring the calls for “social distancing” hammered by the health authorities.

“When you’re dealing with the White House, it is sometimes necessary to say things once, twice, three times, four times before they are heard”, acknowledged this weekend the Dr. Fauci. “So I continue to insist…”

And when the tempestuous billionaire enacts clearly a counter-truth, right in front of him, as when he accuses China of not having release on “three, four months earlier” on the new coronavirus?

“I’m not going to throw me on the microphone to spread,” stresses the doctor, who preferred to explain to the entourage of Donald Trump that this was a reference to September, well before the onset of the first case.

The billionaire republican does not seem to hold that against him, who said Monday during his daily press conference: “He is a good man. I love Dr. Fauci”.

“National treasure”

Over pharmacist, Anthony Fauci joined the national Institute of health (NIH) in 1968, two years after his degree in medicine and is now specialized in immunology.

In 1981, when he learned of the death of many homosexuals with symptoms resembling, “I said to myself: oh, my God, one is faced with a new disease,” he recounted afterwards.

By working with associations of hiv-positive people, initially very critical of the response of the health authorities, it has been possible to accelerate the distribution of antiretroviral drugs are essential to their survival.

Under the republican president George W. Bush, he has been the architect of the Pepfar program, which has brought aid to millions of Africans living with the virus.

Decorated in 2008 for its efforts against aids, Anthony Fauci seems to once again unanimously, to the point that some in the media, yet are very critical of the administration of Donald Trump, have called it “american hero” or “national treasure”.


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