Drabovich is Vyatrovich. What will happen with the Ukrainian national memory

Дробович вместо Вятровича. Что будет с украинской национальной памятью

© White Coffeethe Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at its meeting on 4 December appointed a new Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory. He became a teacher at the National pedagogical University. Drahomanov Anton Drabovich. He was among five candidates who reached the fourth round of the competition for the position of Director of the Institute.What is the character of modern Ukrainian history, took the place of the unforgettable Vyatrovich?

Candidate of philosophical Sciences Drabovich — associate Professor of cultural studies pedagogical Institute. Dragomanov, head of educational programs at the Memorial centre of the Holocaust “Babi Yar”, expert on culture and education of the Institute of social and economic research. In addition, he is a member of the Board of the Youth Association of religious studies.Declaration of Anton Grabovica for 2018 shows that he has two apartments in joint ownership, and VW Polo 2004. The main place of work (national pedagogical Dragomanov University) Drabovich earned 93 318 hryvnia for work in BO “Foundation for support of international cooperation of Ukraine” has received 529 070 357 393 hryvnia and hryvnia — from entrepreneurial activities.

Earlier Anton Drabowicz was CEO of the international forum of Ukrainian ID, head of strategic development of “mystetskyi Arsenal”, worked in state authorities, public institutions of culture and education, including as an adviser of the Minister of education and science of Ukraine.

He also worked as a journalist and head of the analytical Department of one of the independent news agencies, which on Western grants were engaged in highlighting the issues of education, science and youth policy and little known even to the most active consumers of the information product.

In General, almost “a true Aryan, a Nordic character, discrediting ties were not.” Even extinguished the fire during the Maidan in Kyiv House of trade unions in February 2014 and in the same year he volunteered to fight in the Donbass (Ukraine, of course). In what unit he served, not reported. What is clear is that not “Azov”, where Jews are not taken.

Generally it is for the “fifth point” in his forms for real Bandera to Grabovica have a question, and fundamental. But how would it be set in order for the West not understand? The fact of “wrong nationality” his mate are most dissatisfied with moved to an armchair of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada viatrovych.

“Anton Drabowicz head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory. Once a wrong personnel decision of the government in the humanitarian policy. This is not a mistake but a turn in the other direction. In the national memory may not be the place to stay for Ukraine and Ukrainians”, — he wrote in Facebook.

And told so cleverly, that in translation into foreign languages, the readers will not understand what was going on. And because he could so, as you would say about the then Minister Dmitry Tabachnik on the show Savik Shuster, the late Levko Lukyanenko: “Tabachnik need to be addressed, because it is Ms….(pause)…howling example of ukrainoznavstva”.

Another stage of the contest Drabovich praised the work of his predecessor as Director of the Institute:

“Volodymyr viatrovych and his team did a lot of work and very loudly declared her. I like not all solutions and the methods by which they acted. Some things you want to alter or terminate otherwise. But… it’s hardly the first case in the history of the independent Ukrainian state, when someone so passionately and vigorously pursued a humanitarian policy. Did this the majority of citizens? This is a controversial issue.”

And during the contest he was not quite in the spirit of Viatrovych about how is going to act as the head of the Institute:

“The Institute was not perceived as the mouthpiece of the propaganda, ideological struggle, or propaganda, and it became clear to citizens a tool to build public dialogue and strengthen a healthy identity, historical integrity and the reinforcement of intellectual fashion for critical thinking in matters of the politics of memory. Increase the level of inclusion of official memory is to make more of an effort to preserve the memory of the common history of Ukrainians and Ukrainian poles, Jews, Armenians, Tatars, Greeks, Bulgarians and others. We are very diverse political nation, and this should be felt in the activities of the Institute”.Notice that the Russian in his listings there, and it leads to clear thought, expressed in the kitchen that many on both sides of the Atlantic: now, if at Babi Yar shot Jews do not, and Russian, it is not no crime.

Meanwhile, in an interview poroshenkovskomu “Direct channel” Drabovich not silent about the participation of the OUN in the Holocaust. Sorry for the long quote, but it shows the best thought of the new chief of censor of Ukrainian history:

“Soviet propaganda strongly fueled the myth that, say, Ukrainian nationalists killed himself with machine guns, and the Germans did nothing, stood by and smoked. This excuse of the Germans, and it is still living. I this myth literally two weeks ago I heard on the show here in Kiev. It is obvious that previously, it was beneficial to Soviet propaganda, which tried to discredit the national movement in Ukraine, and now modern Russia — to talk about the evil Ukrainian nationalists.

But if we include logic, let us follow it to the end. It was a war crime. Obviously, the Germans are not attracted to war crimes the local population, at least in the early stages, when they are several months as part of the Ukraine. They couldn’t these people trust you, the more the nationalists. It was not clear what their motives: whether they want an independent state, or they are for Hitler. That is, to perform the war crimes of the Nazi military command used its proven trained people.

In addition, there are documents, reports and decisions of the courts in which it was clearly stated who carried out the orders. The commander of Sonderkommando 4A during interrogation at the Nuremberg trials recognized that it was carried out by German units. Although it would be nice to tell what did the Ukrainian nationalists. There are records of who and how many of these people had some issued weapons. This Sonderkommando 4A, the 45th police battalion — those who did it. But we cannot say that the Ukrainian nationalists were in charge. To this tragedy was involved and the local population, to the tragedy in Babi Yar, murder, and was involved in the nationalists. Even specifically there are the names of those who were involved. We are talking about the so-called “auxiliary police” which was recruited from local residents. Its membership included representatives of the so-called OUN Miller, who advocated cooperation with the Third Reich. In particular we are talking about Zhitomir police Peter Onafrica, head of the police force of Ivan Didulica. Also in these divisions served Stepan Fedak — quite a colorful person among the OUN, known for the fact that in the 1920s was a member of one of the “attentato” on Jozef Pilsudski.

Thus, the auxiliary police guarded the road to Babi Yar. Yes, they were posting ads. But they were not even fully committed to the protection of the perimeter. Could they see the shootings? Could see the executions. Could they warn other people and do something to help? Could. But did they? The vast majority did not. Or they themselves carried out the executions? Very unlikely. Maybe someone killed someone with a rifle. They had a weapon. They could kill someone. And the Germans did for it didn’t make them.

I don’t think the Ukrainians were more prone to collaboration than the representatives of other Nations. It is necessary separately to examine if someone wants to investigate. But I think that common everywhere in all countries there were people who helped the invaders and who were looking for respective advantages in the new order, and who, on the contrary, could not accept this and opposed. It is worth noting that among the righteous among the Nations, that is peoples saved Jews from the Holocaust, the Ukrainians engaged the fourth place, after the poles, the Dutch and the French.”

Thus, Bandera generally excluded from consideration (because it only goes about Kiev, and there really tried just “Melnyk”), the composition of the 45th police battalion is not decrypted, the passage begins with a critique of Soviet propaganda and is given a small piece of the truth in the middle, where most will not read, because “mnogabukav”.Silenced is also an active anti-Semitic propaganda in OUN Newspapers to, God forbid, not to cast doubt on the installation of the monument the same Olena Teliga — one of ideologii murder of the Kiev Jews.

And yet it is progress in comparison with the “line of Viatrovych,” which led to the idea that the Holocaust is a logical retaliation for the Holodomor. Viatrovych himself showed this, filling the list of those responsible for hunger Jewish names, and the political scientist Haran said: “there have been all. We cut the poles, but the poles were slaughtering us. And the Jews too, was different. And the Ukrainians slaughtered the Jews. Again, you can still understand why it was, and what the Jewish Commissars did in the famine. So it was”.

It is significant that many were satisfied with the appointment of Grabovica.

For example, a very conscientious historian of the Holocaust Yuri Radchenko. Is there and ex-MP-Nazi Oles Doniy, who said that “Anton Drabovich participated in two stages of our conference “Transformation of the Ukrainian national idea, in accordance to the challenges of time” — in Kiev and Odessa (with the support of the International Fund “Revival”). Drabowicz made a very good impression, and his conceptual positions, and the manner of teaching.” No less enthusiastic and Odessa Ukrainian pornographer Alexander Roitburd: “conditional reflexes of Pavlov’s dogs. Your — the stranger. Foreign — FAS! The neo-Bolshevism of the brain in the red-black banner, the attempt to privatize patriotism. They believe that the historical memory should be a tool of propaganda, national memory needs to be ethno. Engaged in historical studies in the Babi Yar — slandering our heroes”.

There are unhappy with the appointment of Grabovica among the heirs of the Judenrat and Capos, who are even more zealous apologists for Bandera than even the viatrovych.For example, the most outspoken representative of the trend called “Jews for the Holocaust” Yosyp Zissels: “Drabovich involved in the project founded by Russian businessmen Friedman, Hahn and Fuchs, Museum “Babiy Yar”. Individual quality, that is, how can he be a professional (good or bad), and so on — this I know nothing. However, the fact that cooperation during the war with the Russian project, already confused. So now I look at this assignment through the lens of cautious skepticism, I have some doubts about how and in what set up a new government, some representatives of which, I’m sorry, but for one reason or another are not fully Pro-Ukrainian”.

Yet from the Institute did not have any document signed by Grabovica, and we’ll see how he is able to correct the line of his predecessor. However no getting around the fact that on the day of his appointment by the Verkhovna Rada on the proposal of the office of Viatrovych adopted resolution No. 2364 on celebrating memorable dates and jubilees in the year 2020, reviewed in detail by Eduard Dolinsky.

And the first indicator of a new Director will be noticeable whether he is ready to withdraw the apology of genocide for processing.Dmitry Gubin

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