Draft law on the school boards: gag parliamentary as soon as Friday

Projet de loi sur les commissions scolaires: bâillon parlementaire dès vendredi

The government Legault is going to use the gag parliamentary to adopt under gag order as soon as Friday his massive project of law, abolishing school boards, a move denounced by the opposition parties.

The deputies will be convened Friday morning for a special session, has confirmed to TVA News.

During the day, the parliamentary leader Simon Jolin-Barrette pointed out that it is a bill that has been studied for dozens of hours. “It’s been a long time that mps are there,” he said. The threat of a gag parliamentary flat since last week. The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge has already affirmed that the use of the gag was “part options” and lamented the “obstruction” of the opposition parties.


On Wednesday, Mr. Roberge accused the opposition of doing time in debating a long time on articles of agreement, which supersede in the act the term school board by the service centre. He demanded that his vis-à-vis change of attitude. It is rather rare, however, that this exception procedure is used when a week parliament is back in session.

For the pq’s Véronique Hivon, this act demonstrates the arrogance of the government, who bulldoze the elect who are studying seriously a bill of more than 300 articles, which is far more than the simple abolition of school elections. She pointed out that in opposition, the CAQ has participated in studies of law project that lasted much longer.

“I do not believe that this is a government that believes in the legislative process […]. This is not a joke, when you have a minister who bulldoze more than Gaétan Barrette”, a-t-it launched in a media scrum. She believes that the team of François Legault said that”there is good in the polls, so we’re going to afford it : a little arrogance, it will do us no harm.’

She pointed out that the bill has significant impacts that go much further than the disappearance of the school board. “Teachers, school choice, consolidation of services, objectives and targets of the service centers, there are plenty of issues that one does not have the opportunity to discuss”, she said.

Dozens of amendments

The solidarity Christine Labrie believes it is doing a constructive work. “If the minister is of the obstruction, probably he does not appreciate necessarily the democratic process “, she lamented.

The opposition parties point out that the team of Mr. Roberge has filed dozens of amendments. It is a proof according to them, that the legislative should be further investigated. “The minister changes from one day to the next day his bill in applicant 82 amendments. It is a catch-all. If he wants to go faster, he can split the bill in two. The school elections on one side, and all the other reforms on the other,” suggested the liberal Marwah Rizqy in a message published on the social networks.

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