Draft NFL: a look back on the first round

Repêchage de la NFL: retour sur la première ronde

The first round is already a thing of the past in the draft of the NFL. Before the teams engage in rounds 2 to 7, a small return on each of the 32 selections that have furnished this first virtual tour.

1. Joe Burrow, quarterback, LSU (Bengals)

The logical choice for the Bengals. No surprise. A wise choice, because the Bengals desperately need a true face of the franchise, capable of transforming the team fairly quickly. Burrow inherits a group of recipients of interest. The comparison that comes up most often in his case, it is Jared Goff, Rams. However, it seems a lot more athletic and his leadership more pronounced and contagious.

2. Chase Young, winger/middle linebacker, Ohio State (Redskins)

At the risk of repetition, logical choice. Some will say that the Redskins were counting already on a defensive front productive. Perhaps, but Young has the potential to become a talent generational. The Skins become, in any way, the new 49ers, with a defensive line built of first choice.

3. Jeff Okudah, half of corner, Ohio State (Lions)

In the defensive system of Matt Patricia, roughly modeled on that of his former life among the Patriots, a true half of corner able to follow man-to-man the best recipients adverse is necessary. With the departure of Darius Slay, the choice of Okudah was natural. The draft is never an exact science, but Okudah is seen as the best hope to his position from a lease.

4. Andrew Thomas, blocker, Georgia (Giants)

The Giants turn to a pop-up blocker, no surprise. It is the choice of Thomas, who has caused a certain shock wave. Not that his game is deficient, on the contrary, but several saw Wirfs or Wills out before him. Still, Thomas is not a project, it should be starting from day 1. This is a necessity for the G-Men. Left, they bet on Nate Solder, but in the medium term, it will be his successor.

5. Tua Tagovailoa, quarterback, Alabama (Dolphins)

Good choice of the Dolphins! There is a side of worrying in relation to injury, but in regards to his hip, it seems that everything is back in order in spite of initial fears. Choosing the most careful, health wise was, perhaps, Justin Herbert, but in Tagovailoa, the Dolphins will inherit one-quarter who has made his mark within a team, which is what comes closest to the professional ranks. Ryan Fitzpatrick will hold the fort for the time being. But not for long…

6. Justin Herbert, quarterback, Oregon (Chargers)

Contrary to some perceptions, the Chargers are banking on good foundations. The choice of a quarter-back seems to therefore be an option to “sexy”, but is this really the best choice? At least, the introverted personality of Herbert frame, with the side of public Chargers in the large market of Los Angeles. It will have all the advantages around him to succeed.

7. Derrick Brown, tackler, Auburn (Panthers)

The Panthers have lost big pieces on the defensive line. Is it that Derrick Brown is a good tackler? Without any doubt! The question in his case, it is that a player at this position, which is chosen too high the draft will be able to apply pressure on the quarterback. Brown is not incompetent, but the question remains unresolved.

8. Isaiah Simmons, linebacker, Clemson (Cardinals)

Simmons is a shot of the core staff of the draft, the true man of his vintage in defensive. Nothing to say about the player. What is surprising, is that the Cards are relying already on some of the players of hybrid-type like him, including Budda Baker and Haason Reddick, but not necessarily know a great deal of success. He remains an athlete spectacular that can truly become the “joker” of this defensive being aligned anywhere.

9. CJ Henderson, half of corner, Florida (Jaguars)

Some love Henderson because he is solid in coverage password. Others despise it because his technique plated leaves much to be desired. He was in ascent with the approach of the draft because his talent roofer appear to be closer to those of Jeff Okudah, but he is a player less complete. It is a good risk for the Jaguars, but this team however need to safe values. The urgent need to replace Jalen Ramsey seemed to be too glaring.

10. Jedrick Wills Jr, blocker, Alabama (Browns)

Almost nobody is going to criticize the choice of the Browns since Wills fills a huge need. Not only is Baker Mayfield is in need of protection, but Wills is part of the mold of player offensive line that imposes its law. The only question in the case : can he evolve on the left side, whereas the acquisition of Jack Conklin, fort price, has already solidified the right side.

11. Mekhi Becton, pop-up blocker, Louisville (Jets)

For the Jets, Becton will become either a monster, or a giant sword in the water. At 6 ‘ 7 ” and 369 pounds, he impressed recruiters with his physical tests impressive, but his weight could soon become a problem. However, if he develops his technique rather than rely solely on his size and power, the Jets will be thrilled.

12. Henry Ruggs III, receiver, Alabama (Raiders)

Speed, speed, speed!!! It is the word more than ever in recipients in the NFL. The Raiders, historically, have always adhered to this philosophy, for better and for worse. Spoilt for choice in recipients in the first round was there, and Ruggs, the Raiders are getting much more than a missile. But it would be a mistake to believe that it will only be useful on the long game. Ruggs excels after the catch and bring a new dimension to the attack of the Raiders.

13. Tristan Wirfs, pop-up blocker, Iowa (Buccaneers – got the 49ers)

The Buccaneers have had to pinch when they realized that Wirfs was still available at the 13th rank, hence their haste to deal with the 49ers (choice 13 and 245 of the 49ers against the choice 14 and 117 of the Bucs). Wirfs will, therefore, have the task of protecting Tom Brady, and his talent leaves no doubt. It will be intriguing to see if the Buccaneers will play as a blocker to the right or rather as a guard in the beginning of their career. Considering the important need in this team, he had to pay the price to move even a single rank. After Wirfs, at the blockers, the quality drops.

14. Javon Kinlaw, tackler, South Carolina (49ers – got Buccaneers)

The 49ers don’t their philosophy, which is to build from the inside, in the trenches. The exchange of DeForest Buckner to the Colts can put the hand on another tackler capable of applying the pressure in Kinlaw. The debate here is not about the talent of Kinlaw, but rather the greater need between a defensive lineman or a receiver. It is clear that, here, the head coach, Kyle Shanahan has relied on the best player available rather than need. It will be solid receivers later…

15. Jerry Jeudy, receiver, Alabama (Broncos)

Jeudy will complement a duo of recipients potentially deadly with Courtland Sutton with the Broncos. Perfect for a young quarterback like Drew Lock. Jeudy runs his routes to perfection, so that Lock will not have to guess where it is on the ground. Attack of the Broncos comes to gain credibility.

16. AJ Terrell, half of corner, Clemson (Falcons)

A choice more or less convincing. Terrell is a half corner large stencil, as head coach Dan Quinn has always appreciated the time that he ran the defensive Seahawks in another life. In the halves of the corner, there is not the shadow of a parcel of unanimity this year in regard to the evaluation of their talents. In the middle of the first round, however, one would have expected a less debatable.

17. CeeDee Lamb, receiver, Oklahoma (Cowboys)

The recipient for excellence for caught challenged brings a cartridge more in the offensive topped the Cowboys. At this point, it became difficult to lift the nose on such a talent. However, with the recipients of quality such as Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup at the edge, this choice leaves, however, puzzled. Most importantly, the Cowboys have major needs on their defensive line and in their tertiary. You will need to see the following rounds before making a final judgment. Lamb, in the end, remains an addition that is appalling.

18. Austin Jackson, blocker, USC (Dolphins)

It was written in the sky that the Dolphins were going to draft their quarterback of the franchise and a player of the offensive line to protect him. Nothing to say about the strategy, in addition to the fact that Jackson is one of the youngest players in the draft. It will, therefore, need to learn. This is another reason not to run Tua Tagovailoa in the lions ‘ den as early as next fall. Jackson shows excellent potential and as well as it makes his / her trial and error without mortgaging the future of the young quarterback of the franchise.

19. Damon Arnette, a half of the corner, Ohio State (Raiders)

The Raiders, with Arnette, win the palm of the second choice is the more surprising of the first round (we will come back on the most surprising later…). The Raiders continue in the wave of choice unexpected (Ferrell, Abram, Ruggs) in recent years.

20. K Lavon Chaisson, winger/middle linebacker, LSU (Jaguars)

Withdrawal on or three doses or homerun! It is as simple as that in the case of Chaisson, when the time comes to hunt and the quarter back in the NFL. The need was there, especially in the context where nothing else goes with Yannick Ngakoue, brilliant defensive end that they are trying to exchange. It still seems inconceivable that a defensive so terrifying and ascension, it was just two years ago, has been thrown to the ground for the rebuilding of nine. If this organization was able to maintain relationships even the slightest bit harmonious with his players, two valuable first-round would not have had to be invested in positions that were a wealth, no later than yesterday.

21. Jalen Reagor, receiver, receiver, TCU (Eagles)

This was not a secret that the Eagles were in dire need of a receiver. This was not a secret either, they also had a great need for speed. So that is two birds with one stone by opting for Reagor. He can play inside as well as outside. Last season, injuries and the game of poor quality at that position in the Eagles has helped to ruin their season.

22. Justin Jefferson, receiver, LSU (Vikings)

Jefferson is without a doubt one receiver extremely productive. It has enjoyed a great season with Joe Burrow at LSU. Only one question in his case, his production comes almost exclusively from the inside. However, the Vikings were counting already on a receiver capable of doing the job in this role, Adam Thielen. Is this to say that they felt able to transform Jefferson into a receiver that can evolve at the end of the field?

23. Kenneth Murray, linebacker, Oklahoma (Chargers – got Patriots)

It should be remembered that there are only two years old, in the playoffs, the Chargers were so poor at the position of linebacker that they had to adopt a strategy that is radical in using seven half-siblings on the defensive. By Kenneth Murray, they put the hand on a linebacker capable of crossing the field in no time and brings a physical aspect. The offensive line was perhaps a greater need. But Murray will never leave the field defensively, a luxury that the Chargers did not really in the position of linebacker. To note that to obtain this choice, the Chargers have passed the Patriots in their choice of 37 and 71.

24. Cesar Ruiz, center, Michigan (Saints)

Choice questionable Saints, even if their history on the offensive line plays greatly in their favor. The fact is that, inside, they rely already on Erik McCoy, a center selected in the second round last year, as well as the guards Andrus Peat and Larry Warford. There is not an apparent gap. The Saints have opted for the luxury, rather than for the immediate.

25. Brandon Aiyuk, receiver, Arizona State (49ers – got to the Vikings)

The 49ers, wanting to ensure that they put the hand on the receiver they liked, have advanced from the 31st to the 25th choice, assignor to the passage of their choice 117 and 176 to the Vikings. And it was really necessary that they see something special in Aiyuk park that the talent abounds always in the position of a receiver. Everything indicates that they are fallen in love of his faculties after the caught and the fact that it can be moved anywhere on the field. To note that it performs also at high rpm on the returns of boots.

26. Jordan Love, quarterback, Utah State (Packers – got Dolphins)

So this is the big surprise in the first round! The Packers, for those who come out of the wood, rely already on a certain Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. True, he has 36 years old, but still seems in great shape and enjoys a wealthy contract. This is the story that repeats in Green Bay, after the organization has drafted this the same Rodgers in 2005, with Brett Favre at the controls in the mid-thirties. To secure its future, it is commendable. But in the situation the Packers, who were a victory of a presence at the Super Bowl last season, one would have expected that they choose to buff immediately. This is the classic case of a new head coach, who, after a year at the helm, wants to go with her own foal. But when?

27. Jordyn Brooks, linebacker, Texas Tech (Seahawks)

As a choice that comes out of nowhere, he’s not better than this one! Attention, not claim that Brooks is not a good football player, but nobody imagined him in the first round. Especially not in Seattle, where Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright continues today. True that Wright is in his last year of contract, but Cody Barton, a player for the second year, seemed to be in the plans to take over. A strange choice of the Seahawks, but after their years of success, it is difficult to question.

28. Patrick Queen, linebacker, LSU (Ravens)

The Ravens have had trouble in the position of middle linebacker last season, following the departure of CJ Mosley. Queen excels in coverage password. The missions on the holders and wingers close together are not going to scare her. Remains to be seen if he will be well in the style of very physical Ravens, knowing that it was not the template of a typical linebacker.

29. Isaiah Wilson, blocker, Georgia (Titans)

After having lost the services of Jack Conklin, the need became critical for the Titans. Especially that he is recognized for his prowess in the ground game, which is the bread and butter of the Titans with the carrier Derrick Henry. It would however need to fine-tune its game in the protection password.

30. Noah Igbinoghene, half of corner, Auburn (Dolphins – obtained for the Packers)

This is a very unexpected choice for the Dolphins. The problem is that they have spent there not so long ago for the half of corner Xavien Howard. And recently on the market for free agents, they made another half a corner, Byron Jones, making him a man immensely rich. The tertiary, okay, but why not a marauder?

31. Jeff Gladney, half of corner, TCU (Vikings – got the 49ers)

All this led to the belief that the Vikings would use one of their two first-round to draft one-half of the corner. First, they came to losing Xavier Rhodes, Trae Waynes and Mackensie Alexander on the market for free agents. Second, the halves of the corner, it is the basis of the schema defensive Mike Zimmer. In Gladney, he put his hand on a half of corner physical, competitive, and is doing very well in the blitz.

32. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, carrier, LSU (Chiefs)

Lovers of pools, that player will quickly become your friend. The Chiefs will be a monster of a production, as he excels in the art of catching passes in addition to his chores on the ground. Andy Reid has just put his hand on his new LeSean McCoy or Brian Westbrook, the kind of holder that it has always been to work great. On the “fit” with the team, there is absolutely no doubt. The Chiefs, however, had needs to fill in defensively.

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