Draft NFL: booing the commissioner for the fight against the COVID-19

Repêchage de la NFL: huer le commissaire pour lutter contre la COVID-19

The last chance of the NFL will take place from Thursday to Saturday by the internet, the participants are confined to their homes, respectively, but the football fans will be able to, on the sidelines of the event, continuing a tradition to which they are attached to: booing the commissioner Roger Goodell.

In fact, the NFL and Budweiser have launched Monday, the campaign “Boo the Commish,” so that the fans can again express their dissatisfaction regarding the management of the grand patron of the league. People can register their “service” and share their video on Twitter using a hashtag. For each use of the #BooTheCommish, a dollar will be donated to the NFL Draft-a-Thon, which aims to support the health workers who fight against the coronavirus. Budweiser will broadcast the best videos on the first day of the draft.

The draft was to take place in Las Vegas, but the league has been forced to carry the production in the offices of the network to ESPN in Connecticut. Team representatives and hopes to be selected to attend the session in a virtual way, while Goodell will announce the choice of the interior of his house.

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