Draft NFL: the best attack

Repêchage de la NFL: les meilleurs à l’attaque

Tomorrow evening, the last chance of the NFL begins. It is, in any way, the beginning of the season of hope before the start of the real season in the fall. Several quarter-back should be coveted in the first round. As for the recipients, this is a wine that promises to be exceptional, as much for quality as for the depth. Finally, a rush of blockers, promised to a brilliant future is expected to also mark the initial round. The Journal presents today a preview of the offensive players available, before repeating the exercise for the defensive, tomorrow.

The first class


Joe Burrow

  • LSU | 6 ‘4″, 215 lb.

Positive : Burrow will be the first choice after a season 2019 downright phenomenal, he concluded with a national championship. His intelligence of the game seems higher and it has everything going for him, accuracy, his presence in the pocket and leadership.

Negative : Some would argue that a Burrow does not have an arm ” elite “, but his reading of the game more than compensates. Others will say that to his only other season as starting in 2018, it has been good, and no more. But at this point, no need to look too lice.


Tua Tagovailoa


  • Alabama | 6 ‘1″, 220 lb.

Positive : Tagovailoa is the quarterback, the most accurate pick. This is a quality which cannot be taught. He pulls out with a nice touch and a nice anticipation. If it is hazardous to make comparisons, some see the new Drew Brees.

Negative : In his case, there is no doubt that the history of injury plays against him. In his academic career, he was operated on both ankles in addition to having suffered a dislocation of the hip last season. Some doubt that he will return to 100 %.


Justin Herbert


  • Oregon | 6 ‘6″, 227 lb

Positive : Herbert is a one-quarter-back of a large format, which the mobility is no doubt. He has an excellent arm and does not hesitate to hit the long passes. For the strengths-physical, it is not better. He has also been a student decorated.

Negative : This is the kind of quarterback who will inevitably commit some inexplicable blunders. If his first reads are covered, he seems to be losing confidence in its own ways. The talent is there, but the consistency sometimes leaves something to be desired.


Jordan Love


  • Utah State | 6 ‘4″, 223 lbs

Positive : Love is the quarterback mystery of its vintage. Some see it as a first-round talent unlimited, at Patrick Mahomes. Others see it as a choice farther. He is athletic, aggressive and is not afraid of the risk.

Negative : After a season 2018, exceptionally, it is revealed in the face of the world, it has greatly regressed in 2019. The potential is always extraordinary, but the low production (20 touchdowns and 17 interceptions) in 2019 has left doubts.



Tristan Wirfs


  • Iowa | 6 ‘5″, 322 lbs

Positive : there are always surprises on the offensive line, but everything indicates that Wirfs will be the first blocker selected, very early. He is athletic and his game in a race situation leaves no doubt. It is said of him that he is a beast of training, that it is dedicated.

Negative : Some analysts fear that it is mutated at guard in the NFL, but there is clearly no consensus to this effect. The consistency in his game is something that leaves to be desired.


Jedrick Wills


  • Alabama | 6 ‘5″, 320 lb.

Positive : His teammates loved it, in large part due to his attitude. Wills fought constantly, and each game seems to be a matter of life or death. Its power is remarkable and in an attack on a ground game physics, it would be a misfortune.

Negative : Wills has so much power and aggression that he happens to believe in the-above the fray and ignore her technique. It has evolved exclusively on the right side, what makes some teams cautious in the NFL.


Mekhi Becton


  • Louisville | 6 ‘7″, 369 lbs

Positive : Becton is a prospect quite captivating, with its immense stature and his athletic abilities impressive. It is rare to see a mass of huge move with such agility.

Negative : To 369 lb, it is possible that the team that the repêchera asks him to drop his weight to be even more functional. This fear is justified, since the weight of Becton has tended to fluctuate in recent years.


Andrew Thomas


  • Georgia | 6 ‘5″, 320 lb.

Positive : there may be nothing spectacular in his game, but Thomas embodies the stability, consistency, and productivity. He seems to have the odds with the approach of the draft. He has the experience to an attack that is close to the style professional.

Negative : Since it is not the most athletic of the lot, he can sometimes get caught short by wingers or secondeurs explosives. On the ground game, he is dominant, In protection of the password, there is still work to do, but it should impose.



Jerry Jeudy


  • Alabama | 6 ‘1″, 192 lb

Positive : there is no consensus as to who is the best receiver available, but for the quality of the paths, it is Jerry Jeudy. He can move anywhere on the field and is dangerous after the catch. It is the kind of receiver who will make the big games in big moments.

Negative : there is never certainty in the draft, but the chances of that Jeudy become a flop seem to be infinitely thin. It is very difficult to find negative points.


CeeDee Lamb


  • Oklahoma | 6 ‘2″, 189 lb

Positive : The great strength of the Lamb lies in its ability to catch the ball in full flow. In a contested situation, he finds the way to win the battle. Lamb has the gift of adjusting to all the passes and it will become the best friend of a quarterback whose accuracy leaves something to be desired.

Negative : If an element in his play sows a doubt, it is at the level of his speed. Otherwise, during his years at Oklahoma, Lamb certainly has not faced an opposition formidable in terms of defensive.


Henry Ruggs III


  • Alabama | 6′, 190 lb.

Positive : Ruggs is probably the player with the most explosive of the draft. His speed is spectacular. A ball between the hands, it has the potential to transform the course of a game. There are, however, more than the speed in his game, he who refuses to impose.

Negative : Ruggs has never caught more than 46 passes in a season. This is, in fact, that some observers that they should be wary about its productivity to the next level. It is not the greatest, which limits its radius of reception.


Laviska Shenault Jr


  • Colorado | 6 ‘2″, 220 lb.

Positive : It is the swiss army knife of its vintage, in the sense that it has been deployed in every conceivable field on the university scene. He can carry the ball and vary his contributions, both as a winger spaced, inserted. There has even been a shift in formations of the type ” Wildcat “.

Negative : When a receiver is used as many ways, it is rather rare to be able to run plots of the high-quality. Is it that it will become a kind of Cordarrelle Patterson, effective in everything, but excellent in anything ?


Justin Jefferson


  • LSU | 6 ‘3″, 192 lbs.

Positive : Jefferson has been extremely productive last season with 111 receptions and 18 touchdowns. It could make havoc within an attack that focus on the plots of short and intermediate. It seems designed to grow inside.

Negative : Jefferson has exploded this season with the rise to power of his quarterback, Joe Burrow. This is not negative as such, but many wonder if this is not the Burrow that served his cause.



By Andre Swift


  • Georgia | 5 ‘9″, 215 lb.

Positive : The holders of the ball will probably not be in the first round, but there are still strong contenders. Swift has the talent to explode in the breach before him and may be hurting his opponents when he has the space. It helps in the aerial game.

Negative : It has not always been the ideal vision to run inside. His racing may lack the finish to the occasion, but in the end, he has the assets to be used on the three tests to the attack.


Jonathan Taylor


  • Wisconsin | 5 ’11”, 219 lbs

Positive : What a monstrous production ! During his three seasons at Wisconsin, he ran to 1977, 2194 and 2003 rods. His average of 6.7 yards per litter is devastating. The mixture of size, brute strength and speed has anything to scare.

Negative : Not much to say about Taylor, besides the fact that the wear may be premature. In fact, he has carried the ball 926 times in three seasons, university, a charge colossal work.

A few players are intriguing…

Each year, players who are not picked among the first potential is intriguing in several respects. Here are a few.

Jalen Hurts

(quarterback, Oklahoma)

Hurts went from Alabama to Oklahoma to see more of the field after the outbreak of Tua Tagovailoa. The quarters supremely athletic like him have the rating in the NFL currently and he is a leader popular.

Jake Fromm

(quarterback, Georgia)

Some see it as the general ideal, intelligent, full of leadership, who commits as few blunders. Others see it as the product of a preservative system in which the ceiling is low. The debate rages on !

Tyler Johnson

(recipient, Minnesota)

In his last two seasons in Minnesota, he has topped 1000 yards and scored 12 touchdowns or more. It is productive to wish for, but some fear that it does not have the explosion to create the separation in the pros.

Chase Claypool

(receiver, Notre Dame)

The receiver format giant a native of British Columbia has made admirers with a beautiful chrono on 40 yards. His speed is underrated, he excels in traffic and is a blocker dreaded.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

(porter, LSU)

Will he be strong enough to be a leader in a field back ? At 5 feet 8 inches, there are doubts. Except that Edwards-Helaire is a headache for a coordinator defensive by its dynamism. To capture passes, it is a machine !

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