Draft NFL: time to decide has come

Repêchage de la NFL: l’heure des choix a sonné

Place in the repechage of the NFL tonight ! After you have compiled a list of hopes offensive to watch in our delivery yesterday, the time has come to leave all the place to the contenders in the defensive. Candidates with a rare talent found in this cuvee 2020, but the assessors find it difficult to reach consensus on the best players available once four or five more big names would have been pronounced. On the morning of the big day, The Journal introduces you some of the beautiful hopes defensive, who will be elected by Saturday.

The first class

Secondeurs (inside)

Isaiah Simmons


  • Clemson, sc | 6 ‘4″, 230 lb.
  • Position : Linebacker

Positive : Simmons is one of the players the more interesting the draft because of his propensity to make big games everywhere on the field. Rarely do players of his status are used as much as secondeurs as marauders, or even half of the corner.

Negative : In the NFL, it is possible that its use will be more rigid and regulated, which would be a shame. If this is the case, it will have to prove he can fill the role of linebacker on a regular basis. A co-ordinator creative will make a player unique.

Kenneth Murray


  • Oklahoma | 6 ‘2″, 234 lb.
  • Position : Linebacker

Positive : Murray is the type of linebacker inside of you that has wings in traversing the field at a phenomenal speed to go and complete his tackles. His mentality is aggressive and physical play allow him to set the tone.

Negative : On the cover, it is often happened to find himself completely out of the game. However, this is not unusual in the face of the large attacks of the conference Big 12. His decision making is sometimes questionable so that it is not unanimous.

Players of the line (inside)

Derrick Brown


  • Auburn | 6 ‘5″, 318 lbs
  • Position : Tackler

Positive : Brown has everything going for him. Although he operates predominantly on the inside, he has the skills to perform in all of the schemes on defense and will never leave the ground. It is effective for getting to the quarterback and does not allow himself to move against the ground game. A wall !

Negative : The tacklers do not always have an immediate impact in the NFL, but his experience four seasons in a powerful conference should allow him to make the jump quickly.

Javon Kinlaw


  • South Carolina | 6 ‘5″, 315 lb.
  • Position : Tackler

Positive : After Derrick Brown and Javon Kinlaw, a significant drop in talent is drawn to the position of tackler. Kinlaw has an innate gift to explode through the line of scrimmage as soon as the ball leaves the ground.

Negative : Its arsenal of techniques to get rid of blocks is not necessarily the most developed, but since it can move everywhere on the line, its potential is unlimited. The production is not always at the height of the potential.

Players of the line (outside)

Chase Young


  • Ohio State | 6 ‘5″, 265 lb.
  • Position : Winger/Linebacker

Positive : All positions combined, it seems to be the best player in the draft. With of 35.5 sacks to his credit in the last two seasons, Young is already fearing the worst at the quarter-back who compete in the NFL. A true specimen !

Negative : In 2018, its aggressiveness has led to a number of penalties for offside, a situation that was corrected last season. It is to say that his technique could be improved. Maybe, but his talent, his strength and finesse does not teach.

K Lavon Chaisson


  • LSU | 6 ‘4″, 250 lb.
  • Position : Winger/Linebacker

Positive : To chase down the quarterback, there is Chase Young, and far behind in her wake, the others. Chaisson excels against the run and thrives against the pass. Well directed, it could wreak havoc, but does not offer certainty.

Negative : It does not have a huge experience with one year as from behind the tie. That is why until now, the evaluations are based more on potential than actual production.

A. J. Epenesa


  • Iowa | 6 ‘6″, 280 lb.
  • Position : Winger/Blocker

Positive : Epenesa is a synonym of power. This monster attacks with a brute force unparalleled. At 6 feet 6 inches, it hurts in several ways, including having pulled down seven passes in two seasons. It has also caused eight escaped.

Negative : It will be obviously at his best as a defensive end, where he can better use his power. This is not a problem, but for a team that dream of versatility among its players in the defensive front, it may not be the solution.

Jetur Gross-Matos


  • Penn State | 6 ‘5″, 264 lbs
  • Position : Winger/Linebacker

Positive : With 17 sacks in the quarter and 34.5 tackles for losses his last two seasons, Gross-Matos arouses enthusiasm. At Penn State, he has attacked both outside and inside. Its exceptional production on the field doesn’t lie.

Negative : His technique continues to refine and at this stage of his career, it does not seem to be perceived as a starting from the initial time to the team that the repêchera. If he has the patience of a organization and good teachers, it could explode.

ZacK Baun


  • Wisconsin | 6 ‘3″, 240 lb.
  • Position : Winger/Linebacker

Positive : Is that Baun is the one which will perform seasons of 12 sacks in the quarter, consistent way ? Maybe not, but he is considered a leader in intelligent that never takes a minute off and that master quickly the scheme of the opponent. A head of football.

Negative : The teams looking for a player capable of turning a match in a big game impact will probably not spectacular enough. It is not the greatest athlete, but is effective in all facets of the game.

Demis defensive

Jeff Okudah


  • Ohio State | 6 ‘1″, 200 lb.
  • Position : Half corner

Positive : For months, it is perceived as the better half of the seating available, a strong potential choice from among the top 5 in total. Okudah is identified as the half-corner to the highest potential since Jalen Ramsey. He has the speed, the template, the intelligence.

Negative : The only plot of negativity in regards Okudah is his ability to tackle. This is not a shortcoming, but some prefer a little more commitment. That said, when it hits, it is apt to create turnovers. Unnecessary to dig too far.

CJ Henderson


  • Florida | 6 ‘1″, 202 lbs
  • Position : Half corner

Positive : His skills on the coverage of pass are clearly a hope of the first plan, which will not have to wait so long in the first round. The long range force the quarter back to avoid taking risks in his direction. His acceleration also helps.

Negative : No doubt, where Henderson loses points is that it is unsatisfactory about his or her skills to tackler. It seems to be very wrong on occasion in this area. Even that the recipients will physical exercise have a tendency to depart from the game on the blocks in a race situation.

Kristian Fulton


  • LSU | 6 ft, 200 lbs
  • Position : Half corner

Positive : Who is the better half of corner available after Okudah and Henderson ? There really is no consensus. Fulton is at his best in coverage man-to-man and has made face-to-excellent receivers over the course of his academic career.

Negative : His career, due to a suspension and injury, has put a bit of time to start, so that the assessments in his case are based more on potential than production.

Trevon Diggs


  • Alabama | 6 ‘2″, 207 lbs
  • Position : Half corner

Positive : Its size will appeal to be assured of a team, in an era where the halves of the corner face of the recipients of more and more imposing. Diggs, the younger brother of receiver Stefon, a new member of the Bills, plays in a physical way.

Negative : Many see it more as a half of a corner in a coverage area to the next level. This is not a problem in itself, but teams that do not practice this system could be frosty.

A. J. Terrell


  • Clemson | 6 ‘1″, 190 lb.
  • Position : Half corner

Positive : another half of corner of great stature, with a long-range, Terrell has made progress in coverage man-to-man, and he excels to deflect the recipients of their tracks at the line of scrimmage. It also has a good speed.

Negative : As well half of the corner, his play against the run is not always the most convincing. His match of the national championship tough against LSU left a bitter taste, but a meeting is not a career.

Xavier McKinney


  • Alabama | 6 ‘1″, 200 lb.
  • Position : Marauder

Positive : less of a surprise, it should be the first marauder chosen, may even be the only one in the first round. It offers a game more complete than his teammates at the position. His instincts and his intelligence of the game allows him to take risks to pay for.

Negative : If an element is missing from his game is the speed. In the bottom of the field in the face of the recipients of the most explosive in the NFL, it could happen that he might undress if they attack with too much aggression.


Each year, players who are not picked among the first potential is intriguing in several respects. Here are a few.

Neville Gallimore


  • Tackler | Oklahoma

The young man from Ottawa is an engineer in the chaos on the ground. Extremely athletic, he should be out in the second round.

Antoine Winfield Jr

  • Marauder | Minnesota

Winfield son has all the talent in the world and he plays with aggressiveness despite its small size. This has often been sent to the infirmary. By contrast, in health, it is a dominant player.

Patrick Queen

  • Middle linebacker | LSU

Some even prefer to Kenneth Murray in secondeurs, probably because it has the potential to excel in the coverage of pass.

Ashtyn Davis

  • Marauder | California

Wounded in the groin in December, it was limited to the training and the scouts have not had the leisure to evaluate it in this context. There is a risk of slipping, not by lack of talent.

Akeem Davis-Gaither

  • Linebacker | Appalachian State

It is not necessary to rely on his slight build (219 lb). Davis-Gaither plays physically and is deployed in multiple ways on the field.

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