Drama in Saint-Apollinaire: the funeral of the sisters Carpentier celebrated Monday

Drame à Saint-Apollinaire: les funérailles des sœurs Carpentier célébrées lundi

The funeral of Romy and Norah Carpentier, whose death has moved the Quebec, will be held in Lévis, next Monday.

The funeral will be held at the complex Claude Marcoux of the Group Garneau funeral director on the boulevard Guillaume-Couture, 16-h.


Given the context of a pandemic, only members of the family and close friends will be able to enter in the chapel. There should be a maximum of 50 people in the room, counting the employees..

However, it will be possible for the public to attend the funerals outside of the building, where they will be broadcast on a screen.

The company is in contact with the municipal police and expect a lot of traffic important, but wish that everything remains secure, a point of view of public health.

“It is not necessary that it be a place of contamination “, points out Marie-Eve Garneau, director for operations of the group burial.

In the morning, in an exhibition room of the complex, a period of recollection is planned for the family, in the presence of the ashes of the young victims. In the afternoon, from noon to 16 h, the population will be collected also, but the people in charge of the event would like to prioritize the access to ” those who have known the girls.”

Given the size of the establishment, it is estimated that between 50 and 70 people will be “moving” inside.


The family should be on site and therefore it should be possible, for those who may enter, to share their condolences, but at a distance, the time of a look or a gesture, for example.

There will be a management “strict” comings and goings, because of the COVID-19. Inside, the washing of hands, mask-wearing and social distancing will be taxed. Outdoors, these precautions will be strongly encouraged also.

According to the lawyer of the bereaved family, Maxim Roy, it is not intended that the mother of the girls, Amélie Lemieux, takes the floor in front of the media.

Let us recall that the bodies of the girls were discovered Saturday in a wooded area of Saint-Apollinaire, putting an end to the longest Amber alert in Quebec.

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