Drink warm water with lemon every morning, but don’t make the mistake that many people, when they drink this beverage!

Пейте тёплую воду с лимоном каждое утро, но не делайте эту ошибку, которую совершают многие, когда пьют этот напиток!

This error was discovered after many experiments.

We already wrote about the benefits of lemon water.

It is a natural, simple and powerful alternative for body detoxification.

Many people have already used the recipe on the practice and got great results.

It is advisable to drink lemon water every morning on an empty stomach to prevent illness and strengthen immunity.

Lemon, as you already know, rich in nutrients and vitamins — this is enough to avoid many health problems.

In addition, it contains antioxidants and essential oils that are ideal for bacterial infections and improve digestion.

Lemon, despite the fact that it is sour in taste, when it is metabolized by our body, starts to have an alkaline pH, so it is wonderful for our health and well-being.

But there is one specific detail that does what most people.

The secret was discovered after many experiments.
The secret is to add water to the lemon zest.

For those who don’t know, he’s even stronger than the fruit.

That is why it is a mistake to throw out the lemon peel in the garbage.

When we are preparing the lemon water, we can significantly enhance its effect and this effect is lemon zest!

Follow these steps:

Wash the lemon and cut it in half.

Then squeeze the juice.

Put the peel in a Cup of warm water.

Wait a few minutes so that the nutrients from the peel dissolved in water. Then remove the peel and add the lemon juice. Healing drink was ready.

According to doctors, warm lemon water improves digestion almost immediately, and also helps to prevent and treat diabetes.

Use, if possible, organic lemons, as they are more healthy.

If this is not possible, place the lemons in water with baking soda for 30 minutes — this helps to eliminate agricultural poisons.

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