Drivers using the phone, despite the danger

 Водители пользуются телефоном, несмотря на опасность

According to the study, which was published by foreign media referring to TrueMotion, creators of a platform for data management used by insurance companies, each of 100 drivers watching the road only half the time.

Unfortunately, even laws and penalties remain powerless against the desire to read the notice that came on the phone.

Thus, experts have reported that one fifth of the drivers diverted from 5 to 10 percent of the time that they spend on the road. One-tenth of distracted drivers between 15 and 20 percent of the time, and 5 percent of drivers spend 25 to 30 percent of their time for distracted driving. On the upper level, 1 percent of drivers spend 45 to 50 percent of their abstract time.

National administration of safety of traffic (NHTSA) has determined that in 2017 in accidents related to distracted driving, killing 3 166 people, but some experts believe that the number is much higher.

In 2017 was a little less than 3,000 fatal crashes in which one form or another was present something distracting, and 14 percent of them were associated with mobile phone. New cars generally have the option speakerphone, for example, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but as the study shows Bloomberg, during the movement are still a lot of people use phones.

It is noted that the peak of activity drivers on the phone have during the holidays, when people try to send each other greeting messages: about 30 percent more than average on working days, Bloomberg said Matt Fiorentino, Director of marketing for TrueMotion.

Normal weekday and 9.1% of drivers write text messages while driving, while at Christmas time the indicator has reached the level of 12.1%.

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