Dropping the tip of your tongue, you can become healthier: get rid of the cough, sore throat helps fir oil

Капнув на кончик языка, можно стать здоровее: избавиться от кашля, боли в горле поможет пихтовое масло

Every year with the onset of autumn or of spring, many people pestering constant problems with my throat: starts coughing, lost voice, eternal pain. These problems are easy to solve if you follow the advice of one old healer – if the throat is characterized by weakness, helps fir oil. Learning how to apply!

Essential fir oil

This accessible and well-known remedy has always been famous for its healing properties. In our days the range of applications pine oil only increased: it is used as folk and official medicine in order to get rid of various ailments.

The tool contains in its composition of about 35 biologically active substances that have a number of useful properties, in particular anti-inflammatory and tonic effect.

Application features

Little fir is recommended to RUB the area of the collar, back and chest by massaging strokes. Also it is good to massage the foot and hold inhalation.

Inhalation is done as follows: 2-3 liters of boiled water add some drops of oil. After a pulmonary disease throat back down, leaving no trace.

If defeated a runny nose, it is recommended to drip at 1 mg of oil in each nostril. Often, this method is used as an effective prophylactic agent.

With the help of pine oil can be easily removed attacks of dry cough: a few drops drip onto the root of the tongue in the morning and evening.

For the treatment of herpes or fungus it is recommended to make a compress of pine oil: a cloth dipped in the remedy and apply to the required area.+


It should be noted that the techniques of treatment is not suitable for small children and people with asthma. Also, the use is contraindicated in pregnant women. To apply the remedy recommended with extreme caution: if you are hypersensitive there is a risk of complications.

Take care of yourself and your health!

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