Drugged and without a license, he refuses control and hits two cars, one of which is a police car

    Drugged and without a license, he refuses control and hits two cars, one of which is a police car

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    A driver was driving in Paris under the influence of narcotics but also without a driving license. He crashed into two cars before being arrested. The man was also carrying cocaine and cannabis.

    A refusal to comply during the curfew and a driver who crashes into cars. Police officers from the Paris Security and Intervention Company (CSI 75) ordered the driver of a Renault Clio to stop for a check around 9.20 p.m. this Wednesday evening, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. But the man behind the wheel refused and accelerated.

    A chase has started and reinforcements have been requested. Shortly after, the driver collided with another vehicle in his flight, a Renault Talisman, at the corner of boulevards Barbès and Rochechouart, then a police car. His vehicle then stopped and the police were able to stop him.

    The respondent who was taken into custody, suffered from neck pain and was taken care of by the firefighters then escorted to the Beaujon hospital in Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine ). His days are not in danger. In addition, the driver of the Talisman, who is a private driver, was also taken to the hospital to undergo check-ups. There are no injuries to deplore on the side of the police.

    The driver was carrying 100 grams of herbal cannabis as well as one gram of cocaine. In addition, he drove under the influence of narcotics and without a driver’s license. The investigation was entrusted to the 18th arrondissement police station.

    Another driver carrying drugs

    The police arrested another driver in the night from Sunday to Monday, in the same district. At the wheel of a Smart, the latter was driving around 1:30 am using his phone. A police patrol asked him to stop, but he refused. At full speed and after taking many risks, the fugitive ended his race in the window of the Franprix store located on Place Albert Kahn.

    The man had 4 grams of cocaine and 38 grams of herbal cannabis on him. He rebelled during his arrest and was taken into police custody. The district police station was in charge of the investigation.

    Police officers regularly arrest dealers who deliver their customers to their homes in Paris. In two-wheelers and by car, the latter do not hesitate to make “tours” to serve their buyers, who order by phone or on certain social networks. One way to continue their illicit trade during the curfew. The two investigations will make it possible to determine whether the respondents were also making deliveries.

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