Drunk, he mistakes a police car with a taxi

Soûl, il confond une voiture de police avec un taxi

PORTAGE, Manitoba | by A young man of Portage, in Manitoba, who offered a night of partying the end of last week will keep a anecdote rather shameful to tell for years to come.

The royal canadian mounted police Manitoba, has explained Wednesday that his officers had been called to intervene on Sunday to 5 am in the morning due to a 19-year-old drunk who was a disturber of the tranquillity of the city, still asleep.

On seeing a police car, the young man took his legs to his neck to escape the police and went to take refuge directly in the back of an unmarked police car which had also been called on the spot.

“Take me to the 17th Street, Bro”, has even launched the partier confused the police officer behind the wheel, convinced that he was a taxi driver.

The young man finally had a race, but it was conducted without a detour to the police station, where he remained detained until the effects of the alcohol dissipate.

The partier turbulent was eventually released without charge, said the RCMP.

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