Dry armpits: how to get rid of excessive sweating

Сухие подмышки: как избавиться от излишней потливости

The heat came and with it the same problems with excessive sweating? To get rid of sweating and enjoy the spring and summer clothes, not worrying that in the middle of the day he has an accident, follow the simple rules.

Dry armpits: how to get rid of sweating


Excessive sweating is often associated with constant stress. Sometimes the stress is so much into his life, that man is nervous, without knowing it. To remove the stress factor, and as a result, reduce sweating, from time to time guzzle a course of magnesium. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and helps the body tolerate stress.+


If the issue of sweating, I want to solved fundamentally, can be done in the area of the armpits Botox injections. I know, it sounds scary, but in fact, Botox reduces this problem for 6-8 months. Generally, to achieve an excellent result, enough for one treatment. In this case of course it is better to consult a specialist!+

Powder and iron

To cosmetically remove the problem of sweating and also to protect clothes from ugly yellow stains after washing in the area of the armpits sprinkle a little baby powder, and carefully iron. Under hot temperature powder “burned into the fabric,” and will protect clothes.+

Wet napkin and lemon

When you need extra help, use a damp cloth and a lemon wedge. Method of use is simple: wipe armpit with a damp cloth, and then swipe a slice of lemon. It is very important that the skin there was no irritation, and after shaving it took at least a day, otherwise the skin will turn red and the feeling during use of the lemon will not be pleasant.+

Important: if you are not wet spots, but only smell, use for underarms antifungal drugs. The ideal product will help you to choose the doctor.

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