Dry skin: causes, treatment

Сухая кожа: причины, лечение

Supple, smooth skinwithout rash the dream of all girls, but the skin can boast not all. One of the main reasons, which causes discomfort in everyday life is dry skin. Magicforum figured out what to do to the skin does not feel dry.

Weather conditions or allergic reactions may contribute to dryness of the skin. If the above factors are excluded, you can choose the path of eliminating other factors.

Why skin dry?

In order to answer this question you need to decide what skin to treat dry.

Dry skin is characterized by:

1. dim color;

2. peeling;

3. a feeling of tightness.

Dry skin indicates that the body lacks water. One of the main factors of healthy skin is hydration. Water provides nourishment and hydration of skin cells. Due to the lack of moisture the skin loses its color starts to peel off, wrinkles.

Dry skin needs immediate attention, because the problems will manifest themselves with age. Before you begin to treat the dry skin necessary to establish the causes. The reasons can be a lot, this article dismantled the main factors.

Heredity. Person might get any gene from his parents and grandparents. The skin is no exception, you can inherit both good and dry, and oily skin.

Unsuitable climate. The skin can react negatively to natural phenomena (wind, frost, sun).

Low humidity in the room. Radiators, heaters dry out the air, causing serious injury. Due to the low humidity the skin begins to peel off, loses elasticity and wrinkles arise.

Frequent cosmetic procedures. Exfoliation and cleansing injure the epidermis. The top layer of the skin becomes rougher and loses its color, there are small cracks.

Improper cosmetics can aggravate the situation. In addition to the dryness can begin as pimples and blackheads.

Lack of water in the body. Water shortage causes stress in the body. The body begins to operate in emergency mode, it all affects the face. The skin becomes thinner, cracks and wrinkles.

Hormonal disturbance. This is most often manifested in adolescence, during pregnancy and during menopause.

Lack of sleep, stress disrupts the entire body, and as a result all the imperfections visible on the face. Skin fade, there is a dryness and wrinkles.

Addiction. An addiction to nicotine and alcohol not only causes dryness, but many other skin problems.

An improper diet. The food largely determines the health of the skin. Excessive consumption of fatty, sweet flour affects the metabolism in the body. After a period of time all this is reflected on the skin.

Age. Feature of dry skin is that it doesn’t hurt at a young age. Dry skin not prone to acne and blackheads. But with age it begins to manifest itself, the older, the more. There are small cracks, which lead to wrinkles. The face loses its color and starts to peel off.

Struggle with dry skin

Minimize stay out of the sun, the bitter cold and wind. If this is not possible, use of protective cosmetics.

In the heating season in the living room to put the humidifier. On the market a huge number of them, you can choose for every taste. Also next to a radiator or other source of heating you can put a small amount of water in the tank, this will also humidify the air.

For people with dry skin it is better to minimize any cosmetic procedure. Can be limited to morning and evening washing with water, then wipe the face tonic. Tonic need to choose specifically for dry skin, alcohol free. The frequency of peels — one every four weeks.

All facilities for washing, you need to choose in accordance with skin type and carefully study the composition.

For the water balance. Drinking enough pure water, about two liters a day.

To restore hormonal balance can help a doctor. Required a course of special drugs.

To establish power. Every day to eat fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. To add to the diet foods with a high fiber level.

Care must be chosen in accordance with age.

“Home helpers” to restore dry skin

The most primitive products that every housewife in the kitchen can become the perfect ingredients for homemade masks for face. They will not take a lot of time and effort, but the skin will be very “grateful”.

Ingredients: raw egg yolk, lemon juice, olive oil, honey. 15 ml olive oil and lemon juice mixed with egg yolk and five milliliters of honey. The mixture apply on face. After ten minutes remove with cotton pad or rinse with water. After the mask the skin will get extra food.

Ingredients: potatoes (2 pieces), vegetable oil (30 ml). Boil potatoes, mash, mix with oil. It is better that the potato was nahorodny. Massaging gently RUB the mixture. To maintain in the face of mixed ingredients for 15 minutes. After this procedure the skin will have a matte finish, small cracks will start to smoothen.

Ingredients: oatmeal — 15 ml pumpkin seed oil — 40 ml raw egg yolk. Mix all components to achieve the effect you need 20 minutes to hold the mixture on the face. The remnants of the mask to remove water. The mask prevents skin peeling.

Ingredients: mint, boiling water, honey. A few leaves of mint and grind to a powder, add 200 ml of water and 50 ml of honey. Mix components perfectly moisturizes dry skin.

Ingredients: banana, sour cream. Banana pulp mixed with 15 ml of thick cream. Composition apply on face, remove after 10 minutes with water. These components nourish the skin.

Ingredients: boiled water, chamomile. Brew a bag of chamomile boiling water, allow to cool. Wipe during the day with a cotton pad. Chamomile is a natural antibiotic that prevents the formation of pimples. Also, this solution soothes the skin.

Apply a mask to correct, then be able to achieve the desired result. End of each of the mask should be cream.

Dry skin is a reason to start taking care of her even at a young age. Proper skin care will lead to patanatomy face without acne and flaking.

But it is important to remember that we need to care not only about skin but also about the body as a whole.


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