Dual power: Moldova is looking for a way out of political crisis

PHOTO : MIR / Alan Kaziev


In Moldova political crisis. The second day, protesters are at the entrance to the houses of Parliament, the General Prosecutor’s office, interior Ministry and constitutional court, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Irina Glushko.

The first meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers Maia Sandu was held in close hall in the Parliament building. Was attended by 7 Ministers of the 10. The rest not yet sworn in. On the agenda is the resignation of several officials. The first dismissed the head of the General police Inspectorate Alexander Pintara. His place has found a new candidate.

“I want to note at once, this government will rule on the basis of fundamental European values: democracy, human dignity, freedom and equality,” said the leader of the bloc “Akum” Maia Sandu.

The Cabinet of Ministers under the leadership of Maia Sandu can not sit in the government building – it’s surrounded by police. The Ministry of interior controls Pavel Filip and his government. The Ministry of internal Affairs and the Ministry of defence announced today: they adhere to the Constitution. And the constitutional court, the government Sandu is not recognized. This is the basis of the Democratic party. Its Vice-Chairman Andrian CANDU said it would not recognize any decision taken today by the opponents. He urged the socialists and the bloc “Akum” for dialogue.

“We believe the legal decisions in this situation are almost there, like it or not the constitutional court’s decision, but it is the only body in the country, which interpreterpath the Constitution, and all are obliged to obey the law. We believe that a political solution can only be found through dialogue, calm, without emotion and provocation,” said Andrian CANDU.

Meanwhile, the President Igor Dodon continues to seek support from external partners. Today, he met with 30 ambassadors accredited in Moldova, and discussed the possible scenarios of overcoming the political crisis.

“The first scenario, the best for Moldova – the beginning of the legal activities of all state institutions and a peaceful transfer of power by those who are still trying to control her, the new government headed by Maia Sandu. The probability of this scenario is very large, I am sure that will be it. It depends on the position of external partners and from our common domestic solutions. I want to tell you that the psrm and I personally will go only in this scenario”, – said Igor Dodon.

Among the first on readiness to work with the new government of Moldova today expressed the Ministry of foreign Affairs. There are countries with a restrained position. On the eve of the concern expressed by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe thorbjørn Jagland. He intends to appeal to the Venice Commission for assessment of decisions in recent days made by the constitutional court of Moldova. It’s not just about the non-recognition of the government of Maia Sandu, and the dissolution of Parliament.