Dubai will build the tallest hotel on the planet

Дубай построит самый высокий отель на планете

All travelers know that the United Arab Emirates love to impress guests, especially in the tourist capital. In Dubai love is all the tallest, the biggest, most luxurious. In the next few years there will appear the tallest hotel on the planet. Of course, the most luxurious. By the end of 2022 or early 2023 Dubai plans to open the tallest hotel on the planet. At the moment, as the Foundation of the building has 6 piles out of 22. Interestingly, currently the tallest hotel as time is also in Dubai. Therefore the city will update its own achievement. The new record will be minimal hotel Ciel is only 4 meters above the hotel Gevora. The highest hotel on the planet will be 82-floors, and its total height is 360 meters. The building looks like a sewing needle because of the presence of “abalone”. There will be planted trees and will place the pool. The highest on the planet, of course. If the rest and no record, at least, very impressive. And of course, the new hotel will be as luxurious. It will be more than 1,200 luxury rooms and several fine dining restaurants. Also in the space hotel will be located in large green areas. Dubai is developing the itinerary for transit tourists, where tourists at times more than local Dubai shook the Guinness Book of Christmas laser show, the Architects also took care that the guests admired the best view of the city. On the roof of the building will be located a spacious panoramic deck, which will be open 360 degrees, Dubai Marina, The Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf… currently designers discuss the last detail. Will soon begin construction. The exact date of completion of construction will be known in the coming months.

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