Duclair confident to get along with Coyotes

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    Roby St-Gelais

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 19:33

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 19:38

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    Still without a contract a month from the opening of training camps in the NHL, Anthony Duclair do not worry too much about his current situation, convinced that he will soon have his name at the bottom of a new agreement with the Coyotes in Arizona.

    Player is a free agent with compensation from the 1st of July, the attacker 21 years trying not to get too distracted by the ongoing negotiations, preferring to rely on its agents who are working on the folder.

    “I’m not too stressed out with it, has hammered the Montreal as part of the Boot Camp held at the sports Complex of Sainte-Foy until Sunday. I leave that to my agent [Philippe Lecavalier or Kent Hughes] who is going to speak to John Chayka [director-general of the Coyotes] and I am confident that we will have an agreement soon.

    Short-term contract

    “It happens with a lot of players. We’ve seen that year after year, and I am not stressed with it. I am not the first to whom it happens, nor the last. At the same time, there are a lot of young players who have not signed yet. I leave that to my agent.”

    The big boss of the Coyotes has recently stated that he hoped to come to an agreement in the short term with the old Walls of Quebec, of a maximum of two seasons, what Duclair has no objection.

    Last year, this last pocketed a salary of 833 000 US$.

    “It’s only two years that I am in the League and in my situation, one or two, this will be perfect for me,” said Duclair, who plans to visit Arizona before the camp, he has signed a new contract or not. This will be a big year for me next year and I would like to play the same way that I made it to my rookie year. Then, we’ll see what happens.”

    Changes beneficial

    Acquired the New York Rangers in 2015, Duclair has seen a second season more difficult in the Arizona desert after a promising start (20 goals in 81 games), scoring only five goals and collecting 15 points in 58 encounters, in addition to being demoted to the american League where he has been used 16 times.

    The appointment of Rick Tocchet behind the bench to replace Dave Tippett blows a wind of freshness which is pleasing to Duclair, who spoke with the new coach in the last few weeks. It was also found to be enthusiastic in speaking of the youth of the organization, including Dylan Strome.

    “These are young players incredible. I’ve seen at training camp. I’m confident they’ll make the team and that we will do well together. I have a good conversation with the new coach Rick Tocchet, who has big plans for me and for the team, said the skater 5 ’11”.

    “We have not spoken yet of the expectations he has for me. He wanted to just show up. He told me that he loved my style of play. You see what he did in Pittsburgh as an assistant, he has really helped guys like Kessel and Malkin, guys offensive. Learning from him, I think it will help me a lot.”

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