Duda explained that it is seeking from Zelensky

Дуда объяснил, чего добивается от Зеленского

The Polish President, in relations with Ukraine, does not expect “anything more than the truth.”

About this, speaking about the problems of the common historical past, said Andrzej Duda.

“We have some problems arising from the historical past, and we want to talk about these issues, because we believe that our relationship can only be built on the basis of truth,” said Duda.

According to him, this concerns both inter-state and political and interpersonal relations.

“We expect this, and want nothing more than the truth,” he added.

Duda also said he believes the consent of Ukraine for the resumption of the exhumation important step in the new government.

“I’m glad, because personally discussed this issue with President Zelensky,” he said.

“For me personally it is very important to restore our relationship. In order that we could discuss various issues,” he added.

Duda once again stressed that Poland supported European aspirations of Ukraine and restore its territorial integrity.

“We strongly demand that these territories were returned to Ukraine, that Ukraine was within its borders that were before the annexation,” said Duda.

Earlier it was reported that the Minister of foreign Affairs Vadim pristayko said that Ukraine is ready to meet Poland in the issues of historical memory. However, Ukraine is waiting for a response from the Polish side.

Also Pristayko noted that the issue of the exhumation work there are first shifts: first received permission to carry out these works.

In addition, it was written that the United States abolish visas for poles. America gives poles the right to enter the U.S. for business or tourism for up to 90 days without a visa.

In turn, Poland “opened the hunt” on the Ukrainian doctors. Has been prepared for this change in legislation.

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