Dumb and dumber 2. Coercion

Talking head in the rank of Minister of foreign Affairs Pristayko, in another interview, now RBC-Ukraine, told about alternative plans of Kiev in case of failure of the Minsk agreements.

Тупой и еще тупее 2. Принуждение

According to Pristayko, Kiev has a backup plan in case “option number one is not working” and even a whole folder with a similar plans.

In particular, the Minister stated the following:

“I have said many times that this can be a peacekeeping operation. The Minsk process it is generally not provided. And even when the leaders are discussing it, raises a fair question: so we come out of the Minsk agreements? That is, I didn’t say anything “anti-Ming”, on the contrary, leaders have long been discussing the possibility of changes, which include the possibility of a peacekeeping mission“, – he said.

Following the “logic” of the official Kiev, which is waging war with Russia, and in case of failure of Moscow’s obligations on execution of the Minsk agreements (Bullshit), Kiev is ready to carry out in relation to a peacekeeping operation. However.

Perhaps Pristayko announced the plan under the influence of intoxication of certain substances, or after a hefty kick from the curators of the United States that is not large value, the normal state of the Ukrainian statesmen (God forgive me), but I would like to recall the statement Vladimir Putin made in June 2018.

In this statement, in plain text, it is said that if the Ukrainian authorities will try to make another power attempt to resolve the conflict in the Donbass, Ukraine will be deprived of statehood.

Where was at this time Pristayko, I don’t know, maybe in a special institution where correct memory.
However, after the kind of statements from official Kiev, meeting in the Normandy format, which is so wanted Zelensky, and now perhaps doesn’t want, completely meaningless.

PS: In relation to plans in a folder Pristayko.

I don’t know how many of them there, maybe ten or twenty, but one is for sure – a Suitcase, station America or Kanadschina. Mode Zelensky must remember one of the main demands of the Ukrainian people – Peace. And the hour when it will “hit the muzzle not on passports and birth” is close, because all the time.Dumb and dumber 1


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