Duran Duran will play in the U.S. “space” concert with the participation of drones

Duran Duran отыграют в США «космический» концерт с участием дронов

The legendary British band Duran Duran July 16, will play a concert in the us state of Florida. The event will take place in the Museum Rocket Garden Kennedy Space center, the newspaper writes

As noted, the concert dedicated to the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon spacecraft “Apollo-11”. In honor of this event at the Kennedy center will build a huge scene. The ensemble will perform on a unique background with carrier rocket Saturn 1B and other missiles and spacecraft.

In addition, the group uses art-Duo Studio, to create a light show involving drones. The drones will fly directly during the show They will be projected in the space of “flying sculptures”.

Recall, 16-24 July 1969, the American spaceship “Apollo 11” took flight, during which the inhabitants of the Earth for the first time in the history landed on the surface of the moon. Start of the carrier rocket “Saturn-5”, which brought the ship “Apollo-11” on orbit took place on 16 July 1969 at 09:32 am East coast time USA (16.32 GMT) from Cape Kennedy. The crew of the spaceship were three astronauts – commander Neil Armstrong, lunar module pilot Edwin Aldrin and command module pilot Michael Collins. The main purpose of the flight was landing on the Earth’s satellite the moon and successful return to Earth, which in may 1961 put the U.S. President John F. Kennedy.