During the “Eurovision” the British singer has injured

Во время «Евровидения» британская певица получила травмы

Britain at the song contest “Eurovision” was represented by Suzanne Marie cork. The star said that during the final speech, she was traumatized.

The whole world watched the song contest “Eurovision”, which is one of the most anticipated events in the world of music. After the vote, the representative of great Britain Suzanne Marie cork reported that he had received the injuries during his final performances. It is known that the scene jumped by an unknown man, who snatched from her hand the microphone while it is unknown knocked the singer down.

It is reported that the guards arrested the offender. Now these proceedings, the organizers are trying to figure out how a stranger could interfere with the performance of the singer. British singer announced that her body after the incident, covered with bruises and abrasions. Also Suzanne Marie cork noted that the intruder scared her, and in the incident she received psychological trauma.

We will remind that similar cases have become quite a regular on “the Eurovision”. Last year, in Kiev during the performance of the Ukrainian singer Jamala, which won in 2016, the stage ran by the blogger who showed the audience the bare ass.


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