Dushanbe summit of the CICA was decorated with millions of colors

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Anna Timoshenko /


Millions of flowers graced Dushanbe. The capital of Tajikistan will be the presidents of 12 countries. Today there begins the work of the fifth summit of the conference on interaction and confidence building measures in Asia, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Faith community.

Dushanbe literally buried in flowers. Intricate floral arrangements, tiered flower beds decorated the city. This is perhaps the most interesting floral work – two big palms, and in the center the logo of the summit – three interlocking colored rings.

On the design of the capital for the summit, a team of famous Tajik designers, architects and gardeners. The project claimed the mayor of the capital.

“The city has changed, it is bright and colorful. Even given the weather is Sunny, everything is illuminated,” says the resident of Dushanbe Alena Fedulova.

“Made a lot of flower arrangements. I hope our guests will love all this” – says a resident of the capital, Malik Shamsuddinov.

“Only in the capital were planted about 9.5 million of flowers: chrysanthemums, begonias, petunias and Salvia. They are grown in urban nurseries”, – said the chief specialist of Department of an accomplishment and gardening of the Hukumat of the city of zubaidullo Ganiev.

The summit will be held in the Palace of Kohi Navruz. There is already hosted high-profile guests during the summit of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) in 2014.

“And all the attention now will be on this Palace. And I think guests will be delighted with this hand work, carving on wood, Florentine mosaic,” says the guide bar Radjabov.

To cover the summit will be 650 local and foreign journalists. Today they organized a tour of the Palace and showed the press center. On large screens will broadcast the meeting with simultaneous translation in Russian, English and Chinese. In the hall with the symbolic name “DIDOR”, which means “meeting”, held photography. The meeting will be held in the gilded hall. Meanwhile, the participants of the forum are gathering in Dushanbe. Already held the first meeting.

State and regional Association was established in 1992 with the support of the United Nations. The main objective of the conference is to discuss issues of security and cooperation on the Asian continent, as well as promoting the global fight against terrorism, extremism, drug trafficking and transnational crime.