Dwayne Johnson explains that the new Jumanji does not get the memory of Robin Williams






Whether you like it or not, Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle, to be released on our screens on the 20th December next and, whether you like it or not, he will have to live with from this date.

When we heard about the new Jumanji for the first time, we said, in our internal forum, “Why not”. The original has more than 20 years, he has his little status of a cult movie for an entire generation, so we told ourselves that, come what may, he would not suffer a new iteration. In addition, Dwayne Johnson was the production and interpretation of the project and The Rock, we love it. Except that the comedian is doing odd things for some time, multiplying the projects. In fact, he always makes the same film and look at it closely, and it is always a movie with The Rock, rather than a real story.



We really begin to get worried when we discovered the first images and the synopsis of the film. Finished the board game, up to the old console video games with teenagers thrown into the interior and transform into The Rock and company. But the real chills of anxiety are actually appeared when we saw the trailer. Impossible to recognize Jumanji in which we showed we were resolutely STILL in a film centered around the charisma of The Rock.

However, the actor has from the outset insisted on the fact that his film would be a continuation a bit weird in the original film, and, in this state of mind, that it is not salirait not the memory of Robin Williams. Two months of output, it is therefore felt obliged to hand over the points on the i on the occasion of an interview with the site ComingSoon :

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“The tribute to Robin Williams was the first thing I wanted to discuss with director Jake Kasdan. our producer Matt Tholmac, and the studio. How we were going to pay homage, not only to the original film, but also, and especially, to Robin Williams. and in a positive way, that makes people feel good, and we are not bogged down. We are thus arrived in a very nice way to do this tribute and I think her family will be very, very happy. Without selling the skin of the wolf, there’s… No, I prefer to keep it to myself.”

As usual, The Rock is a smart effective who knows how to arouse the desire in his audience, turning the tribute into a selling unstoppable that will attract may be the crowds. It will have to wait to see the movie to know what it is, it seems obvious that the shadow of Robin Williams will hover over the entire film, as pointed out to his tour Kevin Hart :


“I’m a huge fan of Robin Williams. And I think that this is an aspect that we must highlight because people think that what Jumanji is a remake of the first then not at all. It is in the continuity. We are not to touch which is great to try to do it again. In any way, either on the form or on the merits, we will certainly respect Jumanji or will try to do it again. It is really the following.”

Intentions more noble, therefore, for a project which evolves on a pitch clearly undermined. And if we do not have the final half of what we were promised, we will be able to estimate happy.

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