Dwayne Johnson spoke about dealing with depression

Дуэйн Джонсон рассказал о борьбе с депрессией

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, with his mountain of muscles and a sparkling smile, not that depression is just in a bad mood is impossible to imagine. However, the actor admitted that several times in his life he had so hard that Johnson was forced to seek professional help for dealing with depression.

In a new interview with Express Dwayne remembered that first difficult period came in its 15 years old – when his mother tried to commit suicide right before his eyes.

“She got out of the car right on the highway in Nashville and went rushing towards us cars. I grabbed her and pulled to the curb,” recalls Johnson.

After a few years in the life of Johnson came another difficult period: the injury has put an end to the dream of becoming a professional player in football, then Duane threw his girlfriend.

“It was the worst period of my life,” admits the actor. “I’ve reached a point in which nothing more was wanted to do or to think. I’m constantly crying, I was destroyed, it was a real depression.”

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