Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson wife Bo Ryan: I don’t know why you’re with him

Дуэйн «Скала» Джонсон жене Бо Райана: Я не знаю почему ты с ним

Actor and former wrestler Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is a friend of Bo Ryan. Together they spend a lot of time. Recently “the Rock” Johnson had sent his wife Bo Ryan’s weird video message.

The famous wrestler said: “I don’t know why you’re with him, you deserve much better.” With these words, “the Rock” Johnson turned to his wife artist Bo Ryan. In this case the husband was next, turned off the camera, and before it admitted its second half in love. Users argue about this video. Some call it a hoax, others believe, it is about a love triangle.

Дуэйн «Скала» Джонсон жене Бо Райана: Я не знаю почему ты с ним

Bo Ryan and “the Rock” Johnson have been friends for years. The first even got a tattoo on the leg as the person the ex-wrestler. In it, the actor and the athlete is depicted with a raised eyebrow, expressing outrage. The wife believes that Bo Ryan is in love with Dwayne Joneson, at least it published this idea in the comments to the publication. Bo Ryan with his wife now reside in Hong Kong. Most likely, they met “the Rock” Johnson there.


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