DWN: the dishonesty of politicians and the exaggerated requirements — the farmers throw out their anger on the streets of the French and German cities

In Germany and France tens of thousands of angry farmers take to the streets to protest against a too stringent environmental regulations, according to Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. As stated by the organizers, the protests of farmers pushes “the dishonesty of governments and institutions”.

DWN: недобросовестность политиков и завышенные требования — фермеры выплеснут свой гнев на улицы французских и немецких городов

ReutersВо Tuesday in Germany and France tens of thousands of farmers, “strongly dissatisfied politicians” take to the streets to Express their protest against the too rigid, in their opinion, environmental regulations, reports Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten.

As explained by the organizers, the protest campaigns of farmers are forced to spend because of the “bad faith of governments and agencies.”

More and more farmers in Germany are forced to stop their activities because they just do not able to oppose anything “the dominance of the wholesalers on the market,” notes the German edition.

In turn, the President of the Association of German farmers Joachim Rukwied welcomed the intention of the French and German farmers hold a protest against the policy of Paris and Berlin in the agricultural sector.

“We understand the protesters,” — said Raquid.

According to him, farmers do very much dissatisfied and disappointed politicians. National governments simply require that farmers “too much”, affirmed the President of the Association of German farmers.

The organizers of the demonstrations in Germany and France, continues Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, also called Belgian farmers protest in Brussels.

The other day, reminiscent of the German edition, while the protests of the Dutch farmers in the Groningen case even came before the riots. In particular, the protesters tried to storm the building of the local government, says the author.

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