Dye blonde hair: choose a color depending on skin type and eye color

Some people think what color is best to paint brown hair, and the other dream of this natural and versatile shade.

Фарбуємо русяве волосся: вибираємо колір в залежності від типу шкіри та кольору очей

Owner of blonde hair often take this dismissive tone: not too bright, not particularly interesting and quite common. The decision about painting takes every second. But it is important not to make a mistake: not all colours suit a girl with dark or light brown hair, reports Rus.Media.

Deciding what color to dye brown hair, you must correctly assess their own appearance. First, focus on skin tone and hair, cold or warm. The “cool” girls have light or pale skin, blue or gray eyes, and a natural shade of hair they have, as a rule, ash. In the “warm” light skin with peach or Golden tint, blue or green eyes, and a shade of blonde with slight yellow patches.

What color to dye brown hair people “cold” type

Ashy shades

Gray blonde shade goes well with cold eye color and suitable for both monochrome staining and to highlight individual strands

Cold brown

Chestnut suitable for painting as dark and light blonde hair. Differences are only in the shades: grey and light blue eyes suit cool shades of brown.


Pondering what color to dye brown hair, some just decided on red. However, it is ideal for cold type of appearance in the gray or blue eyes.


Bold option. But before settling on black, deciding what color to dye light blonde hair, remember:

  • Black visibly ages
  • Black emphasizes skin imperfections
  • “Get out” of black quite difficult
  • If all this does not scare you – go ahead!

What color to dye brown hair girls “warm” type

Golden or honey

Both colors match perfectly with warm skin tones and light eyes.


A radical change of hair color, which can really unpredictable and eccentric nature.


A great choice for those who are wondering what color to dye dark brown hair. Bright chocolate tone is one of the most popular among women of all ages. When highlights or colorlove it can combine with a Golden tint.

Choosing what color better to dye brown hair, and remember about those who suffer the opposite question: what kind of paint to dye hair in light brown. If desired, this can be done in any color of your own hair, as long as the combination of appearance was harmonious.

Light brown color perfectly camouflages gray hair, adds the visual age and even helps you to look younger, thanks to his natural form. Choosing between dark blonde and light blonde color, pay attention to the skin: the darker the color, the more vivid should be the color.

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