DZIDZIO showed a teaser of his new movie “DZIDZIO First Time”

DZIDZIO показал тизер своего нового фильма «DZIDZIO Перший Раз»

In October, Ukrainians will see a new film mega DZIDZIO

Ukrainian musician and actor DZIDZIO showed a teaser of his new movie “DZIDZIO First Time.”

Shooting a full-length Comedy began in the Lviv region and most of the scenes for the movie were filmed where Michael himself home (he DZIDZIO) spent his childhood in the village of Bortnyky zhidachivskogo district.

In addition, many of the scenes will be shot on the grounds of an old Villa of the early twentieth century of the Prince Eugeniusz Lubomirski, current. city hospital, where Michael was born.

A unique workplace the creative group is one of the oldest sugar factory in Khodoriv, which at one time was the largest in Galicia and a number of other interesting and like the timeless locations.

In what way this time will appear the main character DZIDZIO and how to develop the storyline of the new film, while the team keeps secret.

“DZIDZIO in the shower — a great artist and a naive child, all his life hides one little secret that turns into a huge problem. This time, neither the best mom nor his coolest friend will not be able to help him. Because such a delicate matter DZIDZIO must decide for the first time and, Oh, very carefully,” reads the synopsis of the film.

Note that the premiere of the film “DZIDZIO First Time” will take place on 25 October.

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