DZIDZIO told, is he ready to be a father

DZIDZIO рассказал, готов ли он стать отцом

It turned out, Michael was not against the completion of the family, but still calls himself a kid.

“Man proposes and God disposes. Probably the time when you want to open in your soul, in your conduct, character or happiness of other notes. And I think that a child opens a much larger space, and faces, – said the leader of the group “DZIDZIO” Mikhail Khoma in the broadcast channel “Ukraine”. – You what for Jiji don’t see what I really am? I’m building an octave above it says, dance, sing I am a child inside and always tell everyone: do not block me as a child.”

Michael’s not even afraid of what being a dad will need to subtract the momentum in the work. Moreover, it would be to sit with the child.

“Mom would have already arrived – just give me a sign! The wife should ask, I personally have no fear – I always take responsibility,” the actor told reporters “the Wound W with Ukraine”.

The wife of Mikhail Lvov, the singer Yaroslav Prytula, known under the stage name SLAVIA. Got married in November 2013. With his future wife, Michael met while studying in music College, and later they sang together in the group “Mikhail Khoma and friends,” reports

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