E-justice in Ukraine plan to implement until 2023

Электронное правосудие в Украине планируют внедрить до 2023 года

State judicial administration of Ukraine published the text of the updated concept of building ESITS.
The concept includes the steps of creating ESITS, analysis, and issues of information security, risks with the implementation ESITS and reveals which of the subsystems will be open to citizens and which will be available only to employees of the justice system.

Citizens will be able to use the options ESITS after registration in the electronic office. Electronic office — electronic service providing
centralized access of authorized users to the services of ESITS
in accordance with defined rights and powers.

The introduction of ESITS will occur in 4 stages.

Stage 1 (the FOURTH quarter of 2019 rock the first quarter of 2020 rock):design ESITS

Phase 2 (I-II quarter 2020): building a system-wide component

Stage 3 (third quarter of 2020 roku fourth quarter of 2021): development of pilot projects and models of the main subsystems of the Central system ESITS etc.

Stage 4 (2021-2023 years):Implementation of automation systems activities of courts, bodies and institutions of the justice system, etc.