Earth 2025 may fall the remnants of the Soviet space station “Space-482”

Soviet station was left in orbit because of a failed launch.

На Землю до 2025 року можуть впасти залишки радянської космічної станції “Космос-482”

In 1972, the Soviet Union hosted the launch of automatic interplanetary station “Venera-8”, which successfully reached Venus and made a landing on its surface, and the first in the world gave information about her. Was later launched another AMS “Venus”, later renamed “Kosmos-482”, which is due to a failure of the upper stage remained in earth orbit. According to experts, in the coming years, it may fall to the Ground, informs Rus.Media.

According to the American expert Jonathan McDowell, a fall may occur at any point of the globe to the mid 2020-ies. “The chances that the object falls on someone, are 1: 10 000. Given its density, inertia and the absence of nuclear materials, there is no reason for serious concern,” he wrote in his report McDowell. He also denied Western media reports that the station will fall this year. Earlier, the Russian astronomer, historian Paul Shubin made a similar forecast, according to which the Soviet station falls to Earth in the next 4-7 years. According to his estimates, first, the orbital parameters of AMS with the upper stage was 220 at 9800 miles. Over the past half century the unit dropped to 2400 miles, and in the coming years, the orbit height will decrease faster. When the station enters the Earth’s atmosphere, the surface will reach a minimum of 500 kilograms of metal fragments.