Tomorrow in the Parliament will be a brilliant Zaruba our perasame regarding the sale of land. Who is our? Question. I don’t know yet, but supporters of privatization should not specify the Kiva how to improve dick in the Parliament. Excited everything. Especially the “Sarasate” from “Voices”. Goncharuk was very serious at the conciliatory Council in Parliament because it came without a scooter. Zelensky also made an urgent appeal to the nation. Bogdan gave him his “Tesla” on the record vloga, so the President had to act in the old way. Without “McDonald’s”.

Applaud Ze! He publicly shrugged. Almost like a Kiva in the Parliament. Delicate, designed for outright suckers. The President promised to hold a nationwide referendum on the topic: can foreigners buy our home, abundantly watered than it poured, the earth, or not? Amazing question! Well, you know. First, he promised to hold a referendum about whether to sell the land at all. Now everything seems ustakanilos – Yes, of course, have to sell. The only way the question would be: what to do with foreigners? Only it worries people. And to calm the agitated masses, Zelensky promises a referendum. We all understand that the referendum: a) will never be carried out; b) even if it will hold, no binding, he will not have (see the law on referendums, which never took). And most importantly – everything will be stolen before that.
I feel the hand of “the Joker”. Downright his distinctive handwriting. Rolled nose suckers balls (ten bills), threw their own “servants”, acquiring the missing voices always ready “Voice”, and for a snack – I shuddered with the referendum. The discourse has drastically shifted from the plane of the land moratorium to the role of damned foreigners. Do I need to give them the right to participate? In all ten bills that are scheduled tomorrow to consider, laid down more or less sophisticated schemes of land acquisition Moldavians, Colombians and persons without citizenship. You will take the draft developed by the Cabinet Soros? Approximately 70 to 30 percent. There is a certain lack of votes due to the fact that the “Servant of the people” has been a split. The missing voice should give non-faction deputies, members of fraction “For the future” and, of course, “the Voice” Vakarchuk. In a very funny situation I got “DOG” Petro Poroshenko. Pot-bellied ex-commander-in-chief at the time, actively stoked for the privatization of land, but did not bring the case to the end, because it became interested in designing “Homo ukrainicus”. With “Homo” everything worked out, but with the “ukrainicus” there have been some problems. Here’s how the faction of the Poroshenko vote with such a scenario? Actually free of charge to support the bill see in that time, colleagues from “the Voice” has already received an advance? Or purposefully flushing the least for a passing option, then to say: and we were against? Yes, and “DOG” with them, let them suffer.

In order to silence opponents, there are two “carrots” in the form of faloimitator. First: the second reading will make all the necessary amendments that will make the law just superproperty. Second: there will be a referendum on whether the sale of land to foreigners. The classic layout.

Now another interesting question: what will be the position of the faction of Tymoshenko? Julia has held a series of meetings with Igor Valeryevich, and they have clearly been a consensus.
The parties enthusiastically sniffed each other and acknowledged prospects. Ahead of possible mnogohodovok when a fanatical supporter of the moratorium can change the leader “sorozat”. A separate, but closely related to the land issue story.

Really want the epic fights in the Parliament as they are pleasant “turbo mode”. Zelensky wanted to attend the consideration of a question in Parliament, but it discouraged creatives. The most sensitive of them are anticipating a series of protests that may end in the style of “rigidity”. And you have not forgotten that at the end of November six years ago started the “euromaidan”? Once all cheerfully went. Main bet of the President’s Office – divorce of suckers about the referendum. “Servants” already distributing “temniki” about how to explain the Fuckers their terrible essence. The first paragraph: President – nyashka, he made a wise decision. Well who would doubt! Know why it is not necessary to hold a referendum about the sale of land in principle? Because in the presidential elections 73 percent voted for Zelensky, whose program bore the privatization of land. Honestly, in this point of the program in General nobody voted. Everyone wanted landing Poroshenko. Or am I wrong? Item the second: there is finally a real possibility all important issues to decide in a referendum since Parliament will develop the relevant law. Cool, but the guys cringe. And it will end badly. As our mayor of Kiev, someone will have to get used to the Ground.Alexander Zubchenko

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