Easter 2018: 5 unique ways to dye eggs without dyes

The more variety of artificial dyes are offered today, manufacturers, the more people want to go back to natural colors.

Великдень 2018: 5 оригінальних способів пофарбувати яйця без барвників

For a start I will share with You a few tips for coloring eggs:

For colouring cabbage, turmeric, beetroot and blueberries it is better to use egg white. For staining of onion – yellow.

To avoid cracks in the shell, it is recommended to spread your eggs out of the refrigerator. It will protect them from temperature changes. To enhance the effect, you can add water, a little salt.

Soda well and then egg before painting, and the alcohol will clean the surface of excess fat.

In no case do not RUB with a towel eggs, only removing them from the solvent. Soak them in warm water and gently dry with paper towel.

If you want to make them Shine, RUB them with vegetable oil.

Often as decoration used sprigs of plants. Before painting, apply them to the shell and wrap in cheesecloth. Fasten all thread and dip it into the solution.

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Paint eggs with cabbage

Red cabbage can give the eggs a beautiful blue color that will look not worse than artificial dye. Painting technology is very simple: mix 2 cups chopped red cabbage, a tablespoon of vinegar per quart of water. The resulting mixture is put on fire and after boiling boil for 30 minutes. Dip in a decoction of boiled eggs at least a half hour depending on the shade that You want. The longer the eggs are in the solution, the richer will be their color.

Paint eggs with turmeric

Using turmeric eggs become unusual yellow color. Pastel shade you get when you put them on 2-3 hours to a solution of 1 Cup water to 1 tablespoon of turmeric. If you want a deeper color and cook in the mixture for eggs. If the color turned out like before not bright enough, you can leave the eggs in the solution overnight, but there is a possibility of staining of the protein.

Paint eggs with beets

There are several ways of dyeing eggs with beets. For light pink shade, you can put them in a vessel with fresh beet juice. If You want to shell acquired a Burgundy color, leave the eggs in the solution for several hours. In this case, there’s also the possibility of coloring of the protein. You can also boil eggs together with the purified beet. They will be painted, and the vegetable is perfect for making salad.

Paint eggs with onion

To give the shell orange perfect bow. Take 7 – 10 bulbs husk, rinse and place in a small pan. Pour all this water, add to the solution eggs. Sure that they were all covered with liquid for uniform staining. After boiling, make the fire and cook for 15 – 20 minutes. Remove the eggs and let them cool.

Paint eggs blueberries

This berry is able to give the shell an interesting silvery hue. To do this, mix in a bowl 2 cups of water and 2 cups of frozen blueberries. When the mixture reaches room temperature, stir in berries and allow the solution to stand still. Then strain it, put in the boiled eggs and put in the fridge overnight.

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