Eat live: Hugo Saint-James lends a hand in the kitchen

Bouffe en direct: Hugo Saint-Jacques prête main-forte dans la cuisine

Hugo Saint-James has an appointment in the kitchen. Soon to feature the new series “Resort Potluck” with Zest, alongside Stefano Faita and Émilie Fournier, the chef has also thought of the parents currently in work and overwhelmed by their new responsibilities.

Himself confined to the house with her daughter 7 years and son 3 years old – his wife is a nurse, he finds the time to explain, to concoct and save recipes for “It will go well with Hugo!”, an initiative which comes in capsules for the site Foodlavie.

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Inexhaustible Source of revenue, Hugo St-Jacques creates from what is in his fridge, without breaking the head. Also, he believes in the importance of eating local.

“I will always maximize the use of local products and in the time of a pandemic, it is very important, reiterates there. After, what is it that is going to help families? Small easy recipes as ideas for lunch quick. Example: a lunch that you can put on a plate in the oven and is ready, or a small bowl poké for which we cut our vegetables the night before for the next day’s lunch. Revenue a little fun.”

During the tens of minutes that he spends twice a week in front of the camera, it also reveals several techniques.

“I taught a little in the kitchen and I have a lot of basics that I try to give to the public, things that could be practical,” he says.

Freshness and happiness

Very inspired by the seasons, the dynamic leader has already offered a tantalizing brunch on Easter with pies with tomato confit and wild blueberry chocolate) and a delicious nod to the sugar shack (crumble of apples and pears, maple bacon, maple syrup and popcorn and maple syrup), among others.

For him, the “comfort food” may very well rhyme with health.

“I advocate a lot the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables at any time. It is necessary to try to keep a healthy food, but it is at home, it is confined, then it is necessary to have a little more happiness, try to indulge in a certain way. But eating healthy does not necessarily mean not having happiness.”

The capsules “It’s going to eat well with Hugo!” is broadcast live Tuesdays and Thursdays at 17 h, to the address where one also finds the past appointments. The magazine “Station Potluck” will be offered Thursday at 21 pm on Zest as of April 30.

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