“Eat local!”: Enjoy the proximity in all seasons

“Eat local!”: Enjoy the proximity in all seasons

Begun long before the arrival of COVID-19 in Quebec and the movement to buy local that resulted from it, the book Eat local! by Julie Aubé is interested in all the seasons, all the reasons, but also all the ways of consuming local foods.

For the nutritionist, proximity to the people who feed us is essential and far from trivial. “Being able to associate stories, faces, landscapes with our food is part of the closeness that gives meaning to what we put on our plates,” she emphasizes. We waste less food because it takes on incredible value in our eyes. ”

Thus, we see what is harvested in a new light. “When the carrot, it's no longer just a carrot or a local carrot: it's Jean-Guy's or Sarah's carrot. We don't eat the same way. ”

To each his own technique

In September, recalls Julie Aubé, “everything is available” in terms of fruits, vegetables, herbs and others. But it is good to think of foods from here, the absence of which is sorely lacking in winter.

It therefore recalls the different methods – such as fermentation – that we can adopt to preserve our favorite products. And no need to be animated by ideas of grandeur, she says.

“Preserving food doesn't have to be 82 jars of something. In my book, […] the recipes are four to six jars. It doesn't take the whole evening. If we make a soup, we start with boiling water on the side for a few jars of marinated cauliflower … ”

Freezing also has its undeniable advantages. But what do you do when the lack of space in your freezer is a problem? We dehydrate. “I just dehydrated my grapes for the winter; it may take 48 hours, but I'm not sitting in front of it, it kind of happens on its own. ”

Consume differently

Without having to completely change her diet, Julie Aubé has a very simple suggestion to integrate more products from us.

“Often, we start with a recipe that inspires us, that we found in a book or on the internet, and we look for the products afterwards. […] I suggest doing the opposite: let's start with the product and look for a recipe that will inspire us. We make sure that our recipe will be based on local ingredients. ”

The book Eat Local! is available in store.

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